1. ScottyC63

    W204 Birds eye maple trim

    Full 9 piece trim set in immaculate condition. Based in Manchester. Make me an offer. Cheers.
  2. donshl

    CLS Wooden Dash Birds eye Maple Complete

    Hi All, I have a set of original CLS (219) Interior wooden trim set for sale in Birds Eye Maple. It's in great condition, hardly any scratches or marks Looking for £300 (OVNO), collections preferred from London. Postage can be arranged, at the buyers cost, although I...
  3. Venomous

    Was Birds Eye Maple an option for the C204?

    Looking to replace the interior trim panels on my 2012 C204 Coupe. The current set weren't looked after by the original owner, so I want to swap them out. So I'm hoping that a Birds Eye Maple (as I did for my old W203 Saloon) is available, or something of that ilk. Would really...
  4. d w124

    Maple wood&leather steering wheel

    Fits 124 129 140 202 210 and the leather is black Will post pictures soon
  5. 350_Coupe

    Brabus steering wheel - e class w210 birds eye maple

    mercedes BRABUS STEERING WHEEL E CLASS W210 BRABUS STEERING WHEEL BIRDS EYE | eBay Asking £495 + £25 postage (which is pretty bad, because i know you can ship it for a hell of a lot less than that!) this guy might have an over inflated idea of items values, as he has a set of 3...
  6. C

    Birds eye maple parts wanted.

    I have recently purchase a 2009 CLC with brushed aluminium trim interior.I would like to change this to the birds eye maple trim instead.Any recommendations for the best place to get these from would be appreciated.Thanks.
  7. mercmanuk

    W203 birds eye maple interior

    W203 Birds eye maple complete trim wanted,would swop for silver trim plus good cash if needed,new or used.
  8. mercmanuk

    birds eye maple

    looking for the full birds eye maple kit for a w203 c class saloon or used anything considered,would swop+cash for my silver trim if needed.
  9. aka$h

    Steering Wheel Orion Grey \ Bird's Eye Maple

    For a w210 E-class and w208 CLK-class The wheel is totally unmarked. I bought it to use in my w210 but sold the car a few weeks after buying it. It was supplied by MB Nottingham, retail on it is over £500, I paid £300 for it. £225 plus p&p
  10. A

    Clk 320 birds-eye maple seat control panel

    Can anyone help? I need to get hold of the passenger-side seat control panel for a 2000 clk 320. It's part No: 2087202148 and is quoted at £102.81p. Then there's the labour charge on top. This is my first Merc. I knew they were pricey, but over £100 for a few square inches of veneer panelling...
  11. Ted

    Black Birds Eye Maple

    I need to bring some distinctly flat birds eye maple back to its former glory. Has anybody any ideas or recommendations - particularly, how do I avoid polishing surrounding trim/switches/etc while doing this? tia Ted
  12. EDZ649

    W210 Birds Eye Maple Dash Trim

    Mercedes W210 E Class AMG WOOD TRIM Dark Maple wood on eBay (end time 17-Nov-09 18:48:40 GMT)
  13. N

    W210 Bird's Eye Maple

    Beautiful, understated, rare & unbelievably expensive to buy new (£92 for ONE doorcard trim!) I've got the full set form a 1997 W210 Estate fitted with Climate Control. 4 x doorcard trims, the two strips on the dash - the long one in front of the passenger, the short one below the driver's...
  14. horsesuitedfool

    W203 Facelift aluminium trim - Swap for birds eye maple??

    If anyone has a C Class facelift W203 with birds eye maple trip and fancies a swap for the aluminium trim drop me a line......
  15. WLeg

    Maple Audio - Bath

    Has anyone used them for the repair of a head unit ? Maple Audio The 6x CD changer in our XC90 has gone.....and Volvo are looking at £550.00 + labour to code & replace.
  16. blueserenity777

    Birds Eye Maple on door card

    Does anyone know if the birds eye maple on the doorcard,the switch section..the quadrant is a stick on or a complete removal of present plastic.. I did the centre console but did not do the doorcard section..have ordered it now and awaiting delivery..any ideas!!!.. :rolleyes:
  17. tudu

    More Birds Eye Maple

    The rest of my BEM arrived today for my C55 so will also replace ali door trims and pieces by leccy window buttons. Here are the part numbers for these pieces if anyone else is interested: MA 203 730 23 22 9D57 MA 203 720 22 22 9D57 MA 203 720 21 22 9D57 MA 203 727 66 28 9D57 MA 203 727 65 28...
  18. tudu

    Birds Eye Maple Install

    Hi Just picked up 5 BEM pieces from dealer to replace the Ali. Anyone know how to put the five console BEM pieces. Centre one (gearstick surround) seems simple enough but the top one by air vent, temp and aircon, and ashtray seem difficult to remove and i don't want to snap anything. Thanks in...
  19. whitenemesis

    Birds-Eye Maple Steering Wheel

    After my trials and tribulations documented here I took the plunge and ordered a new airbag for my custom wood & leather wheel. My dealer recommended the airbag that goes with the soft touch AMG wheel. A special order from Germany and no refund.... I ordered the bag from, which...
  20. Venomous

    W203 Birdseye Maple Trim Part No.s

    I was wondering if anyone had the MB part numbers for Birds Eye Maple Trim parts - specifically the panels around the door window switches. The centre console part no.s are well documented on here, but I can't any reference to the rest. As always, replies most appreciated. Cheers Brian
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