1. R

    Msl dyno day (bradford)

    This one is going to be huge. We are holding a dyno day on 9th of July in bradford. The first event to be held here and hopefully more. it's a open invite to everyone and also we will be mapping on the day (Pre book maps only). Come down, Enjoy yourself and make a day out of it. MSL...
  2. ACID

    C63S Mapping in Progress

    Mapping work in progress on the Brand New C63s, keep your eyes peeled, results to come!!!
  3. Stevie1982

    Mapping and warranty

    So I've had the c63 for a month or so now and it's by far the most enjoyable car I've had to date. From a back ground of tuned cars so would like to have the car mapped. Not so much for the top end figures but as it makes the car more responsive and driveable. Now I've been hearing great things...
  4. F

    Fuel mapping?

    I've been looking for a while now and never found anything solid, is it possible to have the ECU tuned to fuel on overrun to produce pops and crackles?
  5. motokustom

    2005 CLS 500 Mapping?

    I anyone mapped their CLS500? The engine I think at just over 300 BHP for a 5 litre is not stressed so could stand a little tinkering!? I feel an exhaust or just back boxes will help get the gasses through faster but what can be done without strapping on turbos etc to just pep up the...
  6. L

    C63 amg mod advice, exhaust, mapping ect

    Hi guys, Just got a c63 estate and looking to do some mods Is it worth upgrading the exhaust system and air filters? What mapping software is the best to use? Any other mods to look at? Any advice would be great :-)
  7. Swift1092

    W211 ECU live mapping equipment

    Any help guys. If i was to have a live map done on my w211 e55, what mapping softwere, or programing tool is there which will alow this? Is it a piggyback ecu or plug in softwere which makes it possible for a tuner to map my car while its on the rollers? Tha ks in advance
  8. vasser44

    ML Mapping

    Hi All, I am looking at a remap for my ML300CDi Sport MY2011 which I feel could do with a little boost. I've been offered a 204 to 237BHP upgrade by Celtic which just about takes it up to the ML350 BHP. They did offer me a remap up to 269BHP which is a significant boost. I was wondering if this...
  9. L

    Mapping a 2012 C350 CDi to reduce turbo lag?

    I've owned my car from new and although very happy with overall performance, there are times when I find the turbo lag a little tiresome. Has anybody had this engine mapped and can tell me how much difference it's made to the throttle response please? I'm not especially looking for increased...
  10. L

    C300 Hybrid mapping

    Has anyone out there remapped or boxed a C or E300 hybrid yet? Early days i guess, but i've got one on order that arrives in Nov, so once its got a few thousand on the clock, i'll sure to be looking at mods (as you do!)
  11. L

    C63 throttle lock & engine mapping

    I have just acquired at 2012 PP car and am more than happy with the available performance. However, it does irk me to think that power delivery at the top part of the rev band is deliberately restricted so I am prepared to have the engine modded. More than extra power I want to be sure that...
  12. mattmeyler19

    C63 new owner mapping companies query

    So far I've seen eurocharged and MSL seem to be the favourites for remapping, anyone heard of Celtic tuning?
  13. A

    Re mapping

    Hi all looking for your advice. I've just brought a new 2015 c220 estate amg line which I'm very happy with but I'm thinking I want to get it re mapped for a little extra power will this affect my warranty? Would you recommend anyone? Thanks Alex
  14. T


    I am a new member and this is my first post so hope I have got it right. I have an ML270 and am thinking of getting it remapped for economy and a bit more grunt (160 seems under powered) any advise? Thanks.
  15. mymini007

    mapping a 320

    Has anybody had any mapping done on a 320cdi. I am looking into it at yhe moment. Have been told I can get 45bhp and 100 torques. As well as better fuel economy. Any advice?
  16. ab9758

    ml55 mapping

    Old chestnut, but there's a promotion on popbitch offering £100 off mapping. Two questions. Is mapping worthwhile (mpg and/or performance) and if so, is it a substitute for asking for a tune up in the next service?
  17. M

    220/250 CDI bluemotion power units

    Hi all, My first post here. I bought the latest C220CDI Auto Coupe 6 months ago and I was told by an MB technician that the only difference between this car and the 250CDI is the ECU map! I have looked at several remapping options and I am considering proceeding in the near future...
  18. Charles Morgan

    Mapping, Essex style

    While this is about engines and hopefully will be useful, I thought it best to post in off-topic, as it is an old BMW 02 being discussed. I bought the 02 which was a completed restoration (or not quite as little quirks emerge), with some interesting little mods to make it a bit more...
  19. jepho

    W203 C220 CDI and ECU Mapping and GGPU kit

    First post from a new member: Hello All, I bought a low milage (37k) 51 plate W203 C220 CDI Coupe last July. It drives and rides nicely. Lately, I have been toying with the idea of improving its performance. I understand that ECU mapping is one way to do this and there seems to be a lot of...
  20. S

    W220 320CDi ECU mapping in NW

    Hi I'm considering using a specialist to re-map my 320Cdi. Has anyone used ProTune in the North West, or can perhaps recommend an alternative - I'm in the South Cheshire region. Thanks steve
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