Maps update

    Hey guys, Just wondering how do you update the maps on the nav with the ad card. Is it a disc or is it from the sd card? Many thanks
  2. D

    Comand s/w update (not maps disc!)

    I bought the (genuine, expensive!) V17 maps disc for my W211 with NTG1 Comand. I followed the instructions inside and I now have updated maps, POIs etc. so the local roads almost align with real-life now! Thing is, I am still on an old Firmware version. SW Ver. HU: 51/2003...
  3. G

    NTG4.5 maps to share

    Hi all I've not been posting for long here, and have a question. I have map's 2017-2018 euro ntg4.5 &4.7 (same DVD's) I'm willing to create a torrent and host it on my seedbox just wanted to check this is o.k before doing so.. i did a search for the word "torrent" and didn't find...
  4. 4

    w211 NAV or Maps problems .

    Hello all my friends. My w211 2003 doesn't read the maps CD in the boot . Before has been worked.after I eject the map CD from the DVD in the boot for a long time (2 month).When inserted back after 2 month the NAC doesn't read the CD . Any advice appreciated .
  5. thebook

    Slight issues updating maps NTG4

    Hi all, I have a slight problem updating the maps on my NTG4 unit. The first disc has ended and the display says to insert disc 2, however I cannot eject disc 1 and all the bays are full. How do I get the disc out? Thanks in advance!
  6. Abcan

    Send to car on google maps

    For anyone who has used the 'send to car' function on google maps for older MB sat navs, the function is apparently no longer supported by MB. I've just tried to send my holiday destinations and MB is no longer an option to select.
  7. B

    Command Maps and Navigation Problems

    I recently acquired a 2005 E320 W211, equipped with the Command system and am having some sat nav problems. A new DVD (2016 edition) was installed by the previous owner, in autumn 2016. 1. From time to time I get no map display, other than a message to say it can't read the DVD...
  8. mickday

    Which version of maps W212 NTG4?

    I have read through a number of previous threads in attempt to find out the method of checking which version of maps I have on my Command I have a 2010 W212 E63 and when I scroll to the bottom of NAVI menu my last item is Save off-road route, I do not have additional item for Map info Any...
  9. Z

    Which satnav maps do I have?

    Hello, I'm still struggling to find out which map version I have on my E Class A207 2010 350 cdi. Im looking to update the maps but have no idea what I have installed at the moment and the latest maps for my car are 2015 so if I have 2014 installed I'll wait a while. I have NTG4 installed with...
  10. thebig1

    Latest Sat Nav Maps??

    Hi guys, Had my 2015 C63s in for some warranty work and asked to have the maps updated as they are free etc. I was told by the after sales director after I asked via email to confirm they had and he said " yes, updated on Thursday" (Last week). I looked at the map version today and it says...
  11. M

    Bluetooth Google maps into Audio 20 unit

    Hi all, I am new to this club as we have just bought our first Merc and we love it. The car came with Pre-wiring for the Becker map pilot but I am reluctant to buy the Becker unit and have to pay for yearly updates. I also have a perfectly good Garmin with lifetime free updates, but my...
  12. T

    what version maps are compatable ntg1

    I have a 56 plate E320 with ntg1 comand system, the car came without the map dvd, can I get latest discs or will the comand system need updating to run latest ones? I have no idea on firmware version it has and when I tried maps it didn't work so wondering if I need older version to get it...
  13. T

    Ntg1 2017 maps, anyone in swindon with?

    Don't suppose any one is in Swindon area who has latest map disc for ntg1, that would be willing to meet ul and lend me disc for a few mins? Thanks
  14. Londonscottish

    Updating maps in COMMAND NTG 2.5

    Am I right that I need to go to a stealer and hand over £100? Any other way?
  15. T

    What should screen show when updating maps ntg1

    I've tried updating to latest maps on a s211 ntg1, I put disc in boot and screen displayed a twirling thing in middle and said please wait, nothing else happened, should it be saying that its updating, not sure if I should wait longer or if disc is no good, waited about 10 to 15mins
  16. O

    unable to change scale on the Navi maps

    C class estate 08 plate we are unable to change the scale on any map,we have followed all the instructions, but rotating the control knob does nothing. If we upgrade do you think it will correct the issue. many thanks
  17. D

    Any c63 maps that wouldn't effect Warranty ?

    Seen a Renntec box on a A45 that just is easily removed
  18. jon.english68

    Audio 20/ Becker maps / Bluetooth phone operation

    OK so I need some help/ advice if you would be so kind, my 2012 C220 Coupe has the 6 disc Audio 20 system and I have recently purchased a Becker map pilot, all is well with both stereo and the Nav, I can connect my phone via Bluetooth without any issues, my problem is this, when I have the...
  19. P

    Genuine NTG 4 Command APS MAPS V14 2016

    As per title. Have a set of Genuine Merc Command APS Maps for NTG 4 (W204/S204) for sale. These are the latest maps available for the W204/S204 and are in the genuine Merc original case. RRP £158.99 new! No code needed for these so despite being used by myself to update my S204 yesterday they...
  20. N

    Cheapest way to get Google maps on my 2015 C Class Mercedes

    Does anyone know a way to get Google maps on my 2015 C Class Mercedes screen? Looking for the cheapest way of doing this. Any help appreciated.
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