1. TonyE300D

    Help! Need wheel bolt size for W639 Vito Mark 2

    I need new M14x1.5 wheel bolts for my W639's new alloy wheels. Long enough to be secure but not so long that they foul the handbrake mechanism in the rear drum/disc. Can anyone please tell me how far they should protrude from the back of the wheel in mm? Bolts were supplied with the wheels...
  2. 219

    Mark Cosovich's separated at birth twin ?

    I've long been aware of Kent B , but listening to this video , the script seemed awfully familiar ....
  3. mark denison

    mark denison

    hi everybody just to say hi and that i,m happy to join the club and maybe meet or go to some events. best regards mark
  4. U

    Golf 1.9 TDI Mark 5 Wanted

    WANTED 1.9 TDI Mark 5 golf Manual Gearbox car and 5 door Up to £2500 k ANYONE ??????????
  5. Mab66

    Mark from Cheshire

    Hi all just saying hello new to this site am a lucky owner of a R129.
  6. grober

    Mark Webber Crash

    Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber is in a "satisfactory" condition after being injured in a crash in a World Endurance Championship race in Brazil. BBC Sport - Mark Webber: Former F1 driver injured in crash at Brazil race [YOUTUBE HD]PAvOWpdAEI8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. grober

    Mark Cosovich Video on the W123

    Mercedes-Benz W123. The finest saloon car of the 20th century? on Vimeo Possibly leading up to the imminent release of his book?
  8. markmifsud

    Happy Birthday Alfie (mark)

    have a good one
  9. developer

    So You Think Your AMGs Are Quick Off The Mark

    ChrisA Lee JimG Give it up...
  10. M

    white polish mark

    Hi any clues how to get a white polish mark off the black plastic numberplate holder its very annoying, i have tried back to black but it comes back in a couple of days, thanks.
  11. abecketts

    IP trade mark lawyers

    Any IP/Trademark layers on the forum? Please PM me as i'd like to ask a question. Thanks Paul
  12. TDE1

    Ooh, Capt Mark Phillips E55 for sale..

    From my local paper..(paragraph 4) Rock legend Nick?s car goes under the hammer (From Worcester News) And from Brightwells Would go along, but have to work. Best guess for winning bid? :)
  13. grober

    Mark Webber to retire from F1

    As per title Mark Webber will leave Red Bull and Formula 1 at the end of the season, switching to Porsche's new World Endurance Championship project. perhaps never got over being screwed over by Vettel or simply feeling his age. One of the good guys in my book. Be interesting to see how well he...
  14. J

    Executive car mark up!!!

    MY Fiance's Family Owned Rossets Mercedes Benz until her father passed away last year and it has since changed hands to another family member. After discussing car with the her uncle to new owner i got talking to him about the price of AMG and other luxury brands in general and was shocked to...
  15. M

    Mark Corke

    Hello All And thanks to whoever had the good grace to create this forum. I have a 2005 C 270cdi station wagon with 335,000km on the clock. I bought it as a bit of problem car at 50,000km, but slowly fixed all the problems through various dealers, all of whom really cheesed me off in one...
  16. M

    How do I mark my post as Solved

    Hi Guys as above How do I mark my thread / post as solved so as others can see I have solved my problem :bannana: thanks Jon
  17. jaymanek

    Registration Mark "1 AMG"

    Was looking through the bible (80's amg catalogue) and noticed the white widebody CE wearing the plate 1 AMG. So i looked it up and its now on a 2009 lexus RX450!! I would have thought Mr Stratton owned it?
  18. BaldGuy

    My sincere thanks to Comand Europe.. Mark, Richard and Rob

    I picked up my 911 today from Comand Europe after the install of an Alpine INA - W910R and a JL Audio 700 watt 5 channel Amp. This replaced the standard Porsche PCM (comand) and Becker Amp, we were not sure if the factory speakers would be up to it, but they handle everything so well and both...
  19. biturbo

    Pagoda serious mark up

    Mecedes 230SL - Beatles John Lennon's old RHD For Sale (1965) on Car And Classic UK i have a mercedes enthusiast with this one in it and it was for sale for £49k in 2006. Nice price now lol.
  20. R

    Mark Cavendish.

    Sports personality of the Year
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