1. Vintage Racer

    Anyone got a Classic Car - Mercedes or other Marques

    As well as the SL320 (R129), I also have a 1959 Triumph TR3a.........what do you have? [/URL][/IMG]
  2. flango

    Midlands All Marques Breakfast/Lunch Christmas Run/GTG

    Well after the success of the Peak District Breakfast run I was asked to organise another run out, the poll results indicated that people wanted breakfast and lunch included, therefore I have devised a route that has 4 joining places and should provide the flexibility that people want. The...
  3. stevieb15

    Top Marques

    History Channel now, +1 from 830...Mercedes-Benz Top Marques
  4. Tack

    German marques event, Beaulieu motor museum

    Do we as a club plan to have a presence there this year? Is there any interest? Is anyone organising it? If not do you want me to? The German Show - Car Rally for German Car Owners and Enthusiasts
  5. Palfrem

    First Class Marques?

    Mercedes E55 AMG - 2003 - 1st Class Marques Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this company please? It looks like a nice car, might have a drive out to see it.
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Lexus mock the German Marques in latest ad...

    Latest South African advert by Lexus: :rolleyes:
  7. Chattonmill

    Knockhill Hot Marques

    It being my Birthday and having just bought myself a fastish car I was very happy to find in my parents birthday card a session at Knockhill:bannana: Then I started thinking about this....what do I need to do beforehand. Do I need to get seperate insurance? I am assuming yes. My Tyres are almost...
  8. jukie

    Select Marques in Thirsk

    Anyone know of/about them? They've got a nice-looking W202 C240 and I'm tempted to make the trek. Any background info would be nice. TIA, David.
  9. The Boss

    las vegas MERCEDES Pics and other Marques.. WOW

    Hello, hope you all are well. I Have added numerous pics from out here in Vegas of the various mercs I saw and other top Marques. Hope you like. enjoy... more to follow..
  10. K

    Another comment on MB Vs other marques..

    Through a number of weeks looking at W202s I called several dealers and Milton Keynes a few times with various questions about specific cars and their histories. While every call was dealt with relatively courteously, I alwasy got the feeling that they weren't giving up information easily. The...
  11. guydewdney

    JP Marques, near Ayelsbury, bucks.

    Just had my CL serviced there (170 quid). also a re-spray on quite a lot of the car. after a few bodyshop/mechanic/boss misscommunications (bits not being done, exhaust leak not sorted) - its all done. They were very apologentic, and lots of proffers of tea.. lol - they did a bit more...
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