1. ash59fifty-uk

    Married At First Sight

    Anybody been watching it? This is comedy gold, the USA first series is better. They match you up with the perfect 'scientific' match possible, and you don't meet your husband/wife to be till you're at the altar. There's a lot of disappointed faces, and some surprising outcomes, but the...
  2. ioweddie

    I've been married 43 years tomorrow. Any one lasted longer

    I can not believe I have been married 43 years tomorrow, just wondered if any one has lasted longer? LOL :eek:
  3. skyline pete

    daughter getting married saturday....

    after spending a small fortune on it ...set the wedding date 12mths ago this saturday 15th Feb.....please please weather get better...:( got the bride 4 bridesmaids and the wife all getting ready at home sat morn..:o dont seem like a good weather day by the forecast...:( small problem...
  4. Godot

    I Could Have Married Kate

    65g20v3PzoM :crazy:
  5. verytalldave

    Getting Married.....

    No, not ! ! ! Daughter number one is tying the knot on the same day as the royal wedding. A rather posh do no less. Morning suits all round and the venue is a lovely country manor. Fingers crossed for a fine day. Will post a few photos after the event, just so you can have a...
  6. gaz_l

    Getting married in Las Vegas

    Greetings, Citizens. Seeing as how the OT section of MBClub is the fountain of all knowledge, I wonder if anyone here has experience of getting married in Vegas? Myself and Mrs. Gaz are tying the knot there in September and time is ticking, I need to get my finger out and start organising...
  7. Gucci

    Getting married!

    This time next week (14th June) I shall be a married man! Can't believe how fast it's come round after pooping the question last year. A huge butterfly the size of a pelican has landed in my gizzard :eek:
  8. Mambo

    Getting Married... August and I need to find somewhere that rents Maybachs. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Howard

    Being Married

    Well , today i have been married for 2 years !! :bannana: In fact , at this very moment two years ago , i was practically falling over drunk having just cut the cake , which i never got to have any of !! .... :o In fact, here i am ..... :rolleyes:
  10. grasmere

    My daughter Sara gets married tomorrow . . .

    Thats right guys and gals, my daughter Sara gets married tomorrow . . . :bannana: Phew - what a few weeks or organisation that took - well to be fair, for my wife Sue really and I 'will' be mentioning that in my speech :D So, I wont be on the forum over the weekend, unless I get a sneak...
  11. Howard

    I'm getting married

    Ok, chaps, and chapesses..... A few things, i know nothing about getting married...... hopefully going to to it at Richmond Registry office..... But, how do you go about it ? How far in advance do you need to book? What does it cost ? etc etc etc Any help greatfully recieved ........
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