1. Mat B

    Play it loud - story of Marshall - BBC 4 friday 28th 10pm

    Hi all Thought this would be of interest to all you music aficionados out there. Can't wait to see it myself and have been asked to spread the word.
  2. grober

    marshall amp man dies

    Jim Marshall the man who founded the company who made the legendary "Marshal Amps" beloved of Rock Guitarists the world over has died. He is arguably as famous as luminaries such as Leo Fender and Les Paul. RIP. IJGP8XINMPs
  3. M

    Vintage 1968 Marshall 4x12

    Not sure if there are any fellow guitar freaks on the forum, but thought I'd list this just in case. Vintage 1968 Marshall 4x12 with matching quad of pre-rola celestion greenbacks. All speakers with original cones and dated by Celestion as 6th May 1968. It's a straight (Bottom) cab. Cab has...
  4. Kinky

    Anyone wanna be a marshall?

    [Other than our very own turncoat splitter Richard .... ] WANT TO BE A MARSHAL?Tuesday 3rd February Find out what it's all about later this month. Get closer to the action! Saturday 21st February is Marshals' Training Day at...
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