1. Marvin16x

    Marvin's UK road trip #4

    Hello everyone, it's that time of the year again ... Marvin's praying for good weather because he's looking to leave Germany for another three-week-or-so UK road trip in less than two weeks. This time I'll have my folding bike attached to the roof rack so it will actually be used instead of...
  2. Marvin16x

    Marvin's 2016 road trip around England / Wales

    Morning everyone, isn't it lovely when you write a long text on your phone, even save it by copying it to the cache, and the next minute your phone freezes and restarts automatically and all is lost. Happened to me yesterday morning when I woke up in my car somewhere near Rye, down south...
  3. Marvin16x

    Marvin's UK trip #2

    Hi all, 7 weeks of summer jobbing at DAIMLER have come to an end and it's now time to sort out the final bits before our second UK road trip starts. Some of you might remember that we did the same thing two years ago. My mate Felix, me and the old red(ish) Benz, from Stuttgart up to Inverness...
  4. Marvin16x

    Marvin's England & Scotland Road Trip 2013

    Hi all, the time has come :D In about 14 hours me and my friend will be off to Britain ... :thumb: I'm so looking forward to finally getting to know ... so much! The culture, the people, the weather, the food (lol), the national parks, ... :cool: This is going to be the thread where...
  5. Marvin16x

    Marvin's UK Tour 2013

    Good evening everyone, being a quite unknown person on here, I'd like to introduce myself once again. I'm Marvin, 19 years old from Germany and have been driving my beloved 190E (fire engine) since October 2011. I have obviously become a W201 enthusiast over the past year and intend to drive...
  6. Ian B Walker

    Marvin the server

    My son sent me this link, wondered what the hell he sent it for :o Bit of a laugh though
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