1. rockits

    Unique maserati 4200 manual + full gransport look/kit/alloys

    Well the time has come that I must look to sell the hybrid. I have not advertised the car anywhere as yet other than the Sports Maserati forum. I thought I would pop it on here secondly in case there are any on here looking to add an Italian marque to their German stable. I will look to...
  2. SPX

    My facelift 58 plate Maserati Quattroporte for sale

    My 2008 (58 plate) facelift Maserati Quattroporte for sale M.O.T. 30th October 2017 HPi clear - no finance outstanding - owned outright and also not on the insurance register (you're more than welcome to do your own checks) Two keys 92k miles with fully documented service history...
  3. SPX

    My facelift Maserati Quattroporte.

    Absolutely love this car; turns heads wherever it goes, people stop traffic to let you out of side streets and it has a soundtrack to die for. Anyway, enough of the waffle, here's a few pics taken earlier:
  4. SPX

    Decided against the Maserati in the end...

    ...and bought this: I just thought the Quattroporte was a bit too brash for my liking and it will certainly please all of my chums in the Lancashire Area Save The Dolphins & Pandas Association.
  5. SPX

    Maserati Quattroporte - Am I Mad?

    Since starting a family some years ago etc I've always erred on the side of some sort of practically with regards vehicles but I just can't shake this love I have for Quattroportes, and in the flesh they're even more stunning. I'm on the verge of buying one but I'm getting the jitters; these...
  6. C

    FAO Palmball (Maserati)

    I seen your posts over at Piston heads, wondering if you could shed some light on the variator issue which looms over younger QPs? Any help is welcome.
  7. rockits


    Well the Boxster 3.2S is just about to go now and the replacement needs to be found ;) I am looking at this as a 3rd car that can be garaged to do likely 1.5-2k miles per year. Also need a work car so was thinking an E/5-series/A6 or similar car £8-£12k to do about 10k work miles in. I had...
  8. SPX

    Does anyone here know about 1980's Maserati's?

    And in particular, the mid-1980's 425 V6 Bi-Turbo model? Going to have a look at one tomorrow, I've done a fair bit of research into them already and just wondered if anyone on here had any knowledge on them, thanks.
  9. A

    A diesel Maserati & two new Quattroporte's

    This is an interesting development: Maserati are working on two Quattroporte models, the current model will grow in size to compete with the S Class, 7 Series & A8 whilst there will be a smaller model offered, possibly also with a diesel. Claimed to be some 300 horsepower with over 500...
  10. Palmball

    Maserati Detail & Recommendation (with lots of pics!!)

    Devastated and done over. :mad: Thats was how I felt after I set eyes on my Maserati an hour after I first washed it (about a week into ownership). I know this isn't MB related but I do think some of the pics below are eyeopening and for anyone in the East Midlands and looking for a reasonably...
  11. smillion

    Short video of my Maserati Quattroporte - courtesy of my son Charlie

    My son Charlie asked to record the car for a school project; to make a video using different techniques. Well this was the result of Sundays's brief recordong and i think he did quite well - considering he doesn't have a video camera and he was using his Panasonic Bridge camera that is really...
  12. smillion

    Maserati with ne wheels & yellow calipers !!!!

    Maserati with new wheels & yellow calipers !!!! Seems like an age, 4 weeks away at D ick Lovetts at Swindon. Here is what they did: Rear brake discs Rear brake pads Handbrake shoes and carrier New rear right hand hub assembly New antirollbar bushes New brake fluid Rear wheel bearing assembly...
  13. A

    Maserati Gran Turismo (Detail from another forum)

    Baker21 & qstix vs Maserati Gran Turismo..... - Detailing World Cannot help thinking the wheels are either too small or set in too much in the arches however? Lovely inside though :)
  14. BlackC55

    Maserati. Could I defect?

    2001 MASERATI 3200 FH 2dr Gt Coupe Could I run this car? What are they like to live with everyday? Are they reliable? They are just beautiful.
  15. smillion

    My new toy - Maserati Quattroporte ;)

    just thought I would share pics of my latest purchase with all you good people ;) and next week the calipers are being changed to yellow ;) - like this Cheers Marc
  16. M

    Maserati Track Day

    Just heard that I'm off to Bruntingthorpe on May 13 for a Maserati track day :D I know that a few of you have been to this place - what is it like? All I know is that it has a 2 mile runway and the Cold War jets... Ta
  17. grober

    Superleggera-the Maserati "birdcage"

    Following on from smillion's Aston Martin thread thought I would share this piece of automotive art the Maserati Type 61 multi-tube chassis
  18. stats007

    Maserati Coupé GT For Sale

    Needs must and we have to part company :( . Up on Pistonheads. If anyone knows someone or has the sort of car I'm looking for please let me know.
  19. PeterE320Cdi

    Maserati 3200 - These seem really good value now

    I was just browsing Autotrader and to my surprise and delight my wife suddenly took an unusual interest and said - OK I would like one of those, in black...
  20. stats007

    Maserati Clock Repair

    The clock in my car is supposed to illuminate with the instrument cluster etc - however it doesn't. Thinking it may just be a bulb or LED I get it apart to find it's made like something from Ratners or Argos and even more frustrating it looks like it employs an electro-luminescent panel...
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