1. G

    Mercedes vito W639 111cdi dual mass flywheel vibrations?

    Hi guys, I really could use some help in diagnosing a vibration issue I have on my vito. I bought it 4 months ago with a very lightly slipping clutch ( only slipped if you were hammering it up a hill in a high gear) so I had my local indy fit a new clutch, they said the flywheel had a small...
  2. B

    Mercedes in mass recall of late models.

    Mercedes-Benz to recall one million vehicles worldwide over fire risk - ITV News
  3. F

    Jochen Mass Podcast in Association with Mercedes - Motorsport Magazine
  4. A

    Mass Air Flow Sensor problems

    Does anyone know if there's a fuse for the MAF as have bought 2 brand new ones now and is still coming up with the same fault codes the first one I bought was for £23 off eBay and the one I fitted yesterday was a HAAS one from eurocarparts for about £120 but am still getting codes for MAF or IAT...
  5. H

    air mass sensor voltage - (urgent)help please - C180K 2003

    Hi, Not having a lot of luck tracing a fault (running very rich), no diagnostics on. Indie thinks it might be air mass sensor, but before I blow another £200, I thought I'd check the voltage. Looks to be idling at about 0.67v, 3000 rpm 1.9v and 2.3V @ 4200 RPM. I had seen another thread...
  6. T

    CLS Right hot film mass air flow sensor above limit

    Right guys I'm after some help. When I purchased my 2006/7 CLS cdi it needed a service, to cut a long story short it had one at my expense as the supplying Vauxhall dealer refused. Anyway, once serviced a few faults were found and rectified by the dealer once they agreed they were current...
  7. P

    mass air flow sensor (MAF) confused

    I have looked at numerous images including this but mine looks totally different, is this the MAF on mine? If so can anyone point me to the removal process (to clean) on my particular engine 2003/4 c180 Kompressor
  8. P

    2004 180k Mass airflow

    Is it ok to just remove the sensor by disconnecting cable, and removing two hex screws to clean, rather than taking the complete body unit out to?
  9. M

    Where is the mass air flow sensor / MAF? Pic attached

    I have a C180 Kompressor 2006 I have the check engine light code P0171, system too lean bank. Someone suggested cleaning the MAF sensor and I have the correct cleaning spray to do this, BUT I am unsure where it is and how to disconnect it! Sorry if thats a basic question. I have watched a...
  10. S

    single mass conversion

    Hello all, newbie and first post on here so bear with me please. I have newly acquired a 2003 vito 110 cdi and have had the flywheel diagnosed as on the way out (clattering noise and slight tremble on clutch pedal). Can anyone advise me please as to cost of parts and labour in...
  11. N

    cdi 220, 2355-002 fault code air mass to large. replaced everything and still no joy

    Hi guys ive got a cdi 220 55 plate c class. driving at 70mph the car puts its self in to limp mode. ive replaced the turbo, egr valve and inlet. with still no joy. i was looking at another side and some said to use a cdi3 erg mod? has an heard of this and will it work and where can i get one...
  12. P

    Manual M104 dual mass flywheel for getrag 717450

    Manual M104 dual mass flywheel for Getrag 717450- £200
  13. R

    Mass market mercs

    This won't appeal to some but here goes. Time was when BMs were scarce and exclusive. I was lucky to own several. I then started noticing more and more until they became one of the most common cars on the road. I had given them up by that stage c 1999. They then became more and more ugly every...
  14. P

    P0100 Mass or Volume Air Flow A Circuit

    Which is the MAF sensor I believe. Garage has tried cleaning it to no avail. They mentioned replacing some air filter part that can cause it also (£70). Surely though if anything has caused a problem with the MAF sensor then replacing another part now is too late since its the MAF thats...
  15. P

    270cdi Dual Mass Flywheel price?

    Can anyone advise on a price for a DM flywheel and possibly a Clutch kit W209 CLK 270cdi 6 speed manual.
  16. Blobsta

    Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion

    Morning all, After a mere 140k miles, my clutch is starting to judder when hot (but doesn't slip) so I suspect that I will need a new DMF. As I have no history of this work ever being done I have to assume that it is original. Obviously no point in changing just the flywheel so I'll do the...
  17. funga007

    Air Mass and engine mount

    please see Mercedes engine mount left or right brand new bnib | eBay Mercedes bosch Air mass meter sensor 1120940048 | eBay Please check my other items you might like! if you want ill take it off and give you guys a good price.
  18. funga007

    Air Mass and engine mount

    please see Mercedes engine mount left or right brand new bnib | eBay Mercedes bosch Air mass meter sensor 1120940048 | eBay Please check my other items you might like!
  19. Mjb007

    Air Mass Meter Problem ???

    hi i have recently had a service and replaced my air mass meter and the hose under the air box that splits but wanted to no if you need to get the meter re-programmed to my car as my car still runs ruff just on start up it run really badly 2004 C180k w203 m271 any help appreciated thanks
  20. A

    Mass airflow

    Hey there. Apologies if there's a thread somewhere that explains this already. I'm new to the Mercedes world (and loving it so far). Have a 2006 C230 (WDB203521F805379) and wanted to know if i could get someone to give me a resource where i could get part numbers. I've looked around but can't...
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