1. Steveml63

    Massive fire in London apartment block

    Hi, Woke up this morning to terrible news of a massive fire in a London tower block. London tower block fire: Flames engulf Grenfell Tower - BBC News Frightening how seriously damaged the building is and how quickly the fire spread. You would expect tower blocks like this to have sprinkler...
  2. D

    Massive discount, used car

    We are on the cusp of changing our car to a Discovery 4, and have been to our local main dealer. After a test drive, in what we thought we wanted, a 63 plate HSE, we decided we were better off buying a 14 plate which has lower emissions and dodges the big road tax bill I jarmo jokingly said...
  3. markjay

    Massive Thank You to the team

    Thanks Alfie, Richard, Chris and Ron for an A+ job :thumb: COMAND NTG4.7 with reverse camera retrofitted... sound system upgraded... heated front seats retrofitted.... plus some other tweeks ;) Highly professional team, top job all around, and customer service second to none. Highly...
  4. N

    Massive disappointment!

    Having to change my 2yr old E220 Blutech with various upgrades etc. Due to change in circumstances. FSH etc. 20k miles. The best part ex value £17.5k Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Guy.Pap

    Sudden Massive drop in MPG

    I have a E280 Sport S211 2008 with 75500 miles on it, and love the car to bits. The car was remapped by MSL early in 2015 and the EGR was mapped out also the cat was removed the car drove lovely. The car was treated to a new turbo and control unit last September (2016) and a new N.S.R ABS...
  6. B

    Speeding NIP Vito Sport Dualiner - Massive fine

    Guys - this may be old hat BUT: I got nicked in Scotland for doing over 60mph in my Vito Sport. I thought the speed limit was 70mph on a dual carriageway. But found that I was classed as a commercial vehicle and so my limit apparently was 50mph. I got so much mixed information about whether the...
  7. Marty280

    W211 7g massive issues - help please

    Merry Christmas everyone! I need urgent advice and your input is greatly appreciated. I have recently ( October ) purchased another 211, a 07 reg 280CDI Sport. Apparently it had just been serviced and had a transmission oil change but it was leaking fluid from the transmission so I took...
  8. C

    CL500 Pickup Truck Massive Power?!?!?!?

    What Ho People!? I have recently acquired a 2000 CL500 land barge for some reason unknown to me ahaha. I am currently turning it into a pickup truck because a Hilux just doesn't float my boat... but as the CL is a barge it floats quite nicely ahah!! Its gunna have a jaguar XJS rear...
  9. lisa110rry

    Just had two massive explosions behind my office

    We've just experienced two massive explosions which shook my laptop and are pouring black smoke into the air. We think it's from the roundabout which gives access to the motorway. Seems much bigger than a car would cause, the there were two massive bangs. Nothing on the BBC yet. We hope...
  10. B

    New SL not selling - Massive discounts

    I was enquiring for a friend on the SLs £24000 discount off an SL500 Advised not selling - I wonder why ? What is the normal SL buyer buying?
  11. A

    Mercedes Benz E320 Avantgarde - Massive Specification

    I am selling what I am sure is one of the highest specification and most cared for E320's for sale This car is for its age and mileage in amazing condition and has what can only be described as a overly comprehensive service history with a folder of information. The car has covered 120,591...
  12. uumode

    Massive longevity test of waxes and sealants (bit old though)

    Test for longevity only by a detailer, and some products may be obsolete /superseded due to the age of the test The Biggest Sealant Test ever! - Detailing World
  13. seech

    Massive **** stole my spoiler

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section... Some uber bell sack prized my factory carbon fibre spoiler off my C63 PPP. I can't express my disgust in writing. £1,453.20 for a new one! If anyone is offered one remotely near Manchester... let me know. Conversely, if you have a spoiler like...
  14. F

    2005 ’55 Mercedes ML320 Sport 45K + Massive Spec

    Full service history (MB/specialist) including build sheet listing £9811.25 of Factory options as follows – Parktronic System, Front electric seats with memory function (driver & passenger), Heated front seats, Auto dimming rear view mirror and driver’s exterior mirror, Rain sensing wipers...
  15. merc85

    Cowdray Car Centre Massive thankyou!

    Many years ago my farther had his 1984 380se Serviced and Maintained by Chris who is Owner of this wonderfull place when he was situated in Colchester on the Cowdray Centre, Then Chris moved to Shrub end road in Colchester and we lost contact. Well i found him and contacted him asking for a...
  16. grumpyoldgit

    Massive Police Convoy On M62

    Now who's lane hogging and tail gating? Video: Tour de France: Massive police convoy on M62 -
  17. S

    A MASSIVE thankyou....

    to Acid & all the guys & girls at MSL for all the great work, banter etc etc that they show to everybody. I went down from Aberdeen for the first time to MSL on Wednesday past, I'd had chats with Acid re some mods, so I was getting: Long Tube Headers, Remap, fitting of a Quaife LED & an Oil...
  18. Abb

    MASSIVE shout out to the MSL Team

    Well where do I begin! Having completed the 3hr drive down to see Acid and his team, I arrived approx 9:45am yesterday. Whilst waiting to see the guru himself, I was made to feel very welcome by the reception staff, who were extremely busy serving 'walk in' customers, seeing to deliveries...
  19. kit17

    Audi in icy conditions, massive slide!

    Looks like he's driving way to fast for conditions, massive slide - Huge Slide for a Huge Crash
  20. c_200k

    Massive thanks to

    Paul, Andy, Philip and Jerry at Eurocharaged Everyone of them has went out there way for me over the last month. Great service, care and attention, can't ask for anything else :thumb: Anytime I needed any help Paul was only a phone call away and I can say his phone went off alot...
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