1. D

    W140 Reversing Mast Trim

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to track down the part number for the chrome trim/grommet that seals the hole in the rear wings for the reversing masts. Mine are missing and I can't seem to find parts drawings for the reversing mast system. Thanks in advance! Drew
  2. D

    Wanted w202 aerial mast

    My aerial broke at the car wash. I stupidly forgot to switch off the radio before entering car wash. I just need the mast, the electric motor and stuff works fine, i just need the mast. if anyone has car lying there they could just unscrew the mast and sell it to me.
  3. B

    Brand-new Hirschmann h04 electric aerial mast for sale

    Hi All, I incorrectly ordered a replacement antenna mast for my 1995 E320. Rather than sending it back and paying restocking, exchange, etc. I thought that maybe someone would be interested in purchasing it from me. It's a brand-new Hirschmann h04 electric antenna mast 820902104. Here's the ebay...
  4. T

    A208 CLK Convertible Aerial Mast

    I am trying to find a replacement aerial mast for my 1999 A208 CLK 230 Convertible. This mast fits on the nearside rear wing. I have tried unscrewing the old mast but it seems to be permanently attached to the base. I do a have a photo of it that i could email. The numbers on the base of the...
  5. D

    GPS Aerial mast

    Hard work tonight. My GPS aerial mast has been tapped up so tonights task has been to sort this out. My research has led me to believe that the rubber seal at the base will be beyond saving, so need to include this. I understand that the MB replacement costs about £150. Found a cheaper...
  6. brucemillar

    Aerial Mast Needs replacing

    W124 - 300te - 4Matic Estate Folks I now have a snapped mast on my electric aerial. The nylon chord is intact and winds up and down. Can you get a replacement mast?
  7. T

    HELP. Aeriel mast.

    Only two sections of my ariel mast raise on my 1996 W202. I've seen this for sale on ebay: GENUINE Mercedes Electric Aerial Mast W202 C & V class | eBay Has anybody fitted a replacement mast? Easy? Fiddly? Beyond the scope of an old duffer like me? I await your replies........ Thanks in...
  8. Howard

    Car Mast Advice

    Hi all , I've just bought a little boat , and am about to fit a radio to it. I've bought an aerial , but it has an 'earthing ring' on the back :dk: it says to make sure that there is a good contact between the bare metal on the inside of the wing of the car and the 'earthing ring' ...
  9. C

    Help- I can't even replace an antenna mast

    I have an 1989 300SL (W107) with a Hirschmann Auta 5090 power antenna. All the posts say the old mast just pops out and the new mast feeds in. But that isn't what happens. In fact, it looks wrong. When I loosen the top nut I can see the tube which extends from the motor, which has an external...
  10. M

    replacement Hirschman mast for a 124

    Hi need a replacement mast as it will not go down the final section into the car body. Where can i get this please? Number on top of aerial is 04. cheers
  11. Spinal

    W202 Antenna/Aerial mast Cost

    So I need to replace my aerial (again...) I called up my local dealership, the parts desk of which is usually manned by an elderly Sikh who is VERY friendly and helpful - but most of all he knows his stuff! Instead I got a moderately helpful chap who seemed a bit lost. I explained that I...
  12. NW_Merc

    Replacement aerial mast for W202, help please

    My aerial is jammed in the upright position, I reckon its had it and I dont think even soaking it in degreasing solution will help unstick it. Any suggestions for a replacement?:D
  13. K

    A howto remove aerial mast?

    Anyone have a HOWTO remove the aerial mast for the usual MB checks - when the radio is switched on or off I can hear the motor noises (normal sounding, actually sounds quite ok, not high pitched or grinding) from the driver seat but the mast hasnt moved in a year. the retractable shaft is black...
  14. B

    WANTED: Mercedes Aerial Mast

    Anybody know when I could get one, or how much from a dealer please? thanks! (for a 96 w202 c-class)
  15. pluggers

    Howto-Install aerial mast

    Howto:Install aerial mast Really simple job to do.Start with the mast cheap enough from the dealers. Only tool needed is an open ended 13mm spanner, Start off by having an assistant switch on the radio so the mast goes up as far as it can.Then undo the top nut with the spanner...
  16. Laters

    w202 eletric aerial mast part No. ??????

    Does anyone have the part number of the replacement mast for a w202 (1995) electric aerial? Ive only just got round to trying to sort it out and have found out that the mast is bent and broken and had been jammed back in. It soon fired the old mast out as soon as I undid the nut on the top and...
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