1. H

    Mercedes 126 boot mat

    Please help. Was a genuine boot mat (rubber or cloth) manufactured for the 126 series? If so what is the part number? Thanks, Hilton Wolff.
  2. E

    1994 R129 - underbonnet mat

    Good evening all. I'll shortly be fitting a new OE underbonnet insulating mat to my 1994 SL500. Has anyone else done this? If so, Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated. Specific question: will two 500 ml aerosols of spray trim adhesive be sufficient? (I'm fitting the clips as well...
  3. rusty55

    R129 Hood Insulation mat

    just ordered a new hood insulation mat as mine is getting flakey from the SL shop. Looked on YouTube looks straight forward is it a age related as the cars 20 years old. Other than a service by my local Indy should be another happy year of ownership as the last mot went with no advisory notes...
  4. C

    Front footwell carpet mat securing clips

    Does anyone know where I can find a set of these for my w210? I will be searching the scrappies this week, I just wondered if there is a part number for them or anywhere to get them online? In my searches so far I can only find more mats! Or people in america that have found them! :wallbash:
  5. David404

    Car Mat Sets (W211 - E320 Sport - 2009)

    Hi Folks The cheap mat set the dealer supplied have gotta go. There are loads of suppliers out there offering tailored mat sets, the slightly more upmarket heavier weights seem to come in at around £40, I've purchased this type of mat before for other cars and they are fine. However I'm...
  6. G

    Passenger side mat doesn't have any securing studs to stop it riding up

    Passenger side mat doesn't have any securing studs to stop it riding up Any ideas? Sent from my GEM-702L using Tapatalk
  7. D

    MB cargo mat and high vis jackets

    Got spare a new MB cargo net and 2 x MB high vis jackets. Only the case is branded MB the jackets are plain. Cargo Net: £12.00 Jacket: £6 each or both for £10
  8. L

    Mat buttons

    I am after the part number for the clips/buttons that hold the front mats in place. I can find aftermarket black ones but I need beige ones or Pepple in MB speak. Anyone any ideas? Tony
  9. coalville126

    S210 ribbed load space mat

    Looking for a black or grey ribbed load area mat for a 210 estate. Not too fussed about condition - just after something tidy & usable.
  10. A

    C124 Boot mat

    Looking for a boot mat for 124 Coupe with standard 70 Litre tank. Have boot mat for 90 litre tank to swop/sell
  11. P

    Rear carpet mat for w211

    Need the original deep pile for passenger rear. It's like a dark grey/black colour
  12. F

    Floor mat lamination

    Hi folks, My E class has cream (almost white) AMG floor mats and as you can guess with the weather going around now it is starting to look like it has seen better days. A solution I thought of was to laminate the floor mats so that they do take up any water. Any suggestions on where I...
  13. B

    Can anyone recommend a quality car mat?

    I have bought enough car mats over the years to know that the drivers side always looks worn out after a few thousand miles thus making a nice car interior look shabby. There are lots of UK car mat companies selling tailored fit mats with a selection of piles rated in grams or grams per sqm...
  14. B

    W210 seat mat sensor plug?

    Hi, trying to locate where the plug is for the passenger seat mat. I'm going to fit an emulator as the mat is diff, but the corresponding plug wired to the emulator doesn't seem to match any of the ones on the car. Got the seat unbolted and up so access isn't a problem.
  15. Deane x

    C class w205 estate rubber boot mat ???

    Hi does any one know is there is a rubber boot mat for a c class w205 estate yet as I can not fine one on Mercedes web site
  16. M

    S212 Boot liner / tray / mat

    Hi Recently acquired a S212 and looking for a boot nat / liner / tray to save the carpet from the worst of the muddy buggy wheels it will have to content with over the winter. There seem to be a lot of options on places like ebay, wondered if anyone on here could make any recommendations...
  17. B

    CLK W209 rubber boot mat

    Anyone know a supplier? Just bought a set of rubber mats for the foot wells from and happy with those but they don't seem to do a mat for the boot.
  18. J

    Floor mat button (black/grey)

    I need a button thing that goes on the mat that then clips the mat to the floor.... It's for a w211 amg not that it makes a diff in the charcoal/black colour :) does anyone have one? Before I go to mercedes and get raped for one.
  19. H

    107 rubber boot mat

    Mercedes 107 boot mat. Was there ever a rubber boot mat for a 107? If so does anybody know the part number,and is it still available. Thanks hilton wolff south africa
  20. S

    Mercedes mat crocodile clips

    Hello all, I'm after a set of mat clips for my w202 230k. The type with the crocodile/braces style attachment that hook into the carpet under the drivers seat. I've tried eBay, Gumtree and the local breakers yards etc. I've even tried the main dealers all without success. Does anyone have an...
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