1. B

    W212 Seat material?

    My 2014 W212 E250 petrol AMG trim has seats with ARTICO outer panels, plus a velour type of artificial suede in the seat back and seat squab panels. The previous owner has used a child seat in the rear and it's base has marked the velour material making it different in appearance to the...
  2. S

    Coil Spring Assistance

    My W202 C230K Sport has bad sag at rear (probably the result of towing while with previous owner). I am going to be changing the shocks on the vehicle in the near future, but the amount of sag is so much that I think it is much better to replace the springs as well. Checking with the EPC it...
  3. shaneslk230

    Roof Lining Material is drooping

    Hi Guys, Would anyone have any info / idea on how to fix / repair the roof lining material on a SLK230 R170 ( 98 ) It's drooping on both driver and passenger side at present, I'd like to get it sorted before the whole things droops down, By the way, there are no oil stains or...
  4. J

    Cleaning material

    Anyone know what special lotions and potions Mercedes use to get that show room finish for bodywork and also wheels and also the tyre foam ??
  5. L

    seat material

    we have a lovely 1983 Mercedes 280SL, cream, the trim is mbtex with cloth inserts in the seats, the cloth is cream with a light brown check, need some of this cloth to repair drivers seat.
  6. Q

    Drying out sound-proofing material

    I posted previously in another thread where the passenger footwell of my car had become flooded after a car wash. That's resolved now. I got the carpet out and it's drying away. However I can't remove some of the sound-proofing material around the very bottom of the footwell in up against...
  7. D

    what material is used on the front interior bulkhead of a Mercedes 230ce

    Hi there, Would anyone know what material is used on the front interior bulkhead of a Mercedes 230ce, 1893? It is located under the front carpet, just behind the pedals and appears to be a cement-like substance. Also, if cracked, can it be repaired? Many thanks, David.
  8. s2oty

    W124 engine bonnet sound deadning material

    Mines looks a little tired and disintegrating in parts. What's the recommendation to resolve? Do mercedes do a replacement one or is there something better out there? Scott
  9. I

    sl 107 seat material

    Hi, does anybody know where I could buy seat material, beige and brown check for my 1980 SL 107? Thanks:bannana:
  10. mercmanuk

    assorted electrical and c/h material

    assorted central heating timeclocks,room thermostats,cylinder thermostats,wireless and wired,ideal to update an old system and advise can be given regarding wiring. various white electrical fittings,sockets,switches,fused spurs,ideal to update a room in your house after decorating. brushed...
  11. J

    W207 / W212 E-Coupe - Front Wing Material?

    Messing with a magnet (that was covered in plastic) the other day and noticed the doors are indeed metal, but the magnet wouldn't stick to the front wings? Anyone know what they are made of? When you tap them they seem metal(ish) although they can flex a little so I guess are very light.
  12. W


    I need some material for my 190E Cosworth seats they are grey and black in check Wheres the best place to get the material in the UK, i live in the south east of england i know there's a place near to me , but i bought the matierals 10 years ago and can't remenber.
  13. N

    Soundproofing material to engine bay

    The soundproofing 'foam' stuff that is under the bonnet on my car is in a right old state and is crumbling away to dust making the whole engine bay dirty/dusty. Any ideas what it is and where I can get some new stuff? Is it a part in it's own right or do they just have a roll of it? It does seem...
  14. C

    Head gasket material W202

    Hello! I was wondering: the head gasket is made from what? Metal? Ruber? Plastic? Cork...
  15. carnut

    Trim Material

    The top of the gearlever on my R230 SL is just plain silver so i am looking for an aftermarket add-on to put wood on it to match the rest of my trim ( burr walnut) Came across this site....just imagine the horrors of some of these options!!:devil...
  16. jaymanek

    Need advice on building material!

    Hi All, well the yard that is going to be full of cars soon is coming to an end. CCTV is in, gates and bollards are in, just waiting for tarmac now.. Anyway building has never really been looked after as no one ever used to go around here so its a bit neglected. My dad covered all the...
  17. Carrotchomper

    SL55 vs SLK55- Marriage material?

    Don't know if anyone has posted this before. An entertaining track test, possibly light on detail but nonetheless extremely entertaining, since it heavily features the lovely Vicki Butler-Henderson squealing and grunting around a race track... Some people find her annoying. I find her...
  18. nick mercedes

    el-cheepo runabout material This might make a good cheap car provided it does not get bid into orbit....
  19. 1

    Where can I get MB Tex material for my tweeter pods?

    I have made up these tweeter pods below, does anybody know who sells black MB Tex fabric? Tweeter Builds Cheers Rich
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