1. brucemillar

    My mates old mota.

    I just love this car. The owner is a friend and WWII aircraft enthusiast. I believe it's a Hillman? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. Darrell

    a couple of my mates cars.

  3. M

    OMG just killed my mates porsche

    Wow! Just been to meet my friends for dinner tonight. He turned up in his c4s and the my other mate has a v8 m3 and all I can say is see ya later!!!! He couldn't even keep up with me anywhere, he had a slight advantage off the line but he has got 4 wheel drive. What else have you guys beaten...
  4. J

    visited my mates jap day in the

    A friend of mine had a pimpfest 2013 day at salisbury a couple of weeks ago. loads of pimped up cars and also a track for drift cars too. had a great day out and even went in a drift taxi for £5 a ride,, nearly crapped myself but it was brilliant... all the money raised went to 3 charity...
  5. sam-orr

    Nice mates anyone?

    I have a C200 that I love dearly, the only thing i have meant to do since i purchased the car is to replace the doormat-effort in the passenger footwell, does anyone else have experience with getting a good set of carpet/mats to fit a car properly so they don't slide around?
  6. d w124

    My mates w210 E55

    I`ll post some pictures but on general as I`ve a few questions Here`s from what I can tell,a fully loaded W210 Know with the questions,what doe this do? Also,does anyone know what phone goes there?
  7. kurtdaley

    HELP. Few problems with mates C220 cdi

    Hi there my friend has a few problems with his car, it is a 2002 C220 cdi. It has had a recon fuel jet (air flow meter/ or the diesel equivalent) and since then the MPG has suffered. Previous, around town was 39mpg now 29-31mpg. Motorway 49-51mpg now 39ish. He said is it worth having it...

    A mates divorce!

    Firstly I understand views here could be difficult as of the nature of this OP. My mates wife has set up a divorce after about 3 years of marriage. His lawyer and barrister has told him to accept 12%!!! Ridiculous!! It was his house with a small mortgage, she added about £30k, home...
  9. Mambo

    My mates new car showroom...

    A freind of mine has opened a new car showroom in Manchester :D I'm going to go visit this weekend and slobber over the SLR :cool:
  10. Mambo

    My Mates New DB9

  11. Mambo

    Mates just crashed his new car

    ..not sure what happened yet, but its only got 400 miles on it :(
  12. simonl

    Friday Fun: Mod-tastic mates!

    Nice mod here
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