1. Parisien

    FOR SALE : Full set of W124 coupe over mats

    I bought these really to use when I took, my now sold W124 coupe out on high days and sunny days (about 3 over the last year over here!!!) But firstly can some one on the forum confirm they are Mercedes origin mats for me, see photo of label. Paid a fair amount for them, they are as new...
  2. R

    Best place for quality car mats

    I'm looking to buy some for my E Class coupe but I'm not prepared to pay £113 for a set of genuine Mercedes ones. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  3. nickjonesn4

    Mats for E55k

    Evening all - have been told by MB that these are out of production and I can't find anything on Ebay. Next best option seems to be to have some made with AMG logos. Does anyone have a good company they can recommend to do this please? Thanks in advance
  4. nickjonesn4

    E55K Wagon Mats

    I need replacement mats but struggling to find the original AMG ones. Anyone done this? All four need replaced
  5. S

    AMG Floor mats for W205 C class

    Anybody got a spare set laying around?
  6. N

    W204 AMG Mats

    Hi, I have a complete set of genuine Mercedes carpet set for a W204 C class coupe. I have just bought a rubber all weather set for the car, hence no longer require the original set that came with the car. I'm looking for £55 for the full set plus collection from Leicester or the buyer can...
  7. sarah.grandon

    Car Mats

    Good evening all, I'm after some fitted car mats.. can anyone recommend any ?? Thanks Lubes [emoji182]x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. D

    R107 SL Floor mats

    First time poster! Any recommendations for a good set of colour matched R107 floor mats? All help very much appreciated!
  9. PaulPJ

    C180K Floor Mats

    Hi Guys, after a set of floor mats in black for my manual w204 please. Paul
  10. J

    B Class rubber mats with footrest protection?

    Anyone know of any rubber mats for my 2016 B200D auto that include a bit that covers the carpeted driver's left footrest? Many of the stock pics of mats show a small extension for the footrest, but it seems that the MB official mats don't have one. So far I haven't found any aftermarket ones...
  11. B

    Moulded plastic mats, S Class 320cdi

    Hello all, anyone know the best place to purchase the hard moulded shaped plastic mats for the foot wells. I have a W220 320i cdi 2004. Thanks' Bill.
  12. S

    LHD floor mats in a RHD

    Hey guys, Im thinking of buying these floor mats for my W209. The issue is that they are LHD oriented. Will they fit in a RHD car? Has anyone tried to do so? Thank you...
  13. Ajay Bhatoa

    Becker sat nav adapter and genuine AMG floor mats for c class coupe.

    Hey guys. I have a few items for sale if anyone would be interested. I get a new car on Thursday so these are available straight away. Make me some offers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. A

    Dirty mats

    Hi all I often take my daughter's little fella out for walkies round the local forest. Only trouble is my car foot well gets filthy dirty with mud. Easy enough to remove with a vac and a damp cloth. Does anyone know of a foot well liner I can get or maybe a bag I can put the dog in haha only...
  15. C

    AMG SL Car Mats

    Thought I'd treat my car to a new set of mats as it still has the originals and they are looking a bit tired. Tried my local dealer who said they don't do the AMG ones for my car any more! It's only 2009. He could only find Ines with V12 embossed on them which I didn't want. Tried the Mercedes...
  16. P

    W204 C-Class Auto AMG Mats

    Hey guys, new to all this but been looking for ages for a decent set of AMG mats for my C250. Let me know if you can help Paul :dk:
  17. S

    E Class S213 Estate Rear load area mats

    I should allegedly be receiving my new E Class estate within the next fortnight (See my ongoing thread about the trials and tribulations of this). I am looking for rear load mats to protect the boot and rear seats (When Down). Does anyone on the forum have any recommendations for suppliers and...
  18. M

    E Class estate (S211) boot tray and mats (genuine Mercedes)

    Hi All - I have a set of used (with care) mats as well as the boot tray that will fit an E class (S211) estate. The mats should fit a saloon (W211) as well. Not so sure about the boot tray, it may only fit the estate. All together - £20, ONO. I am based in Milton Keynes, so it does mean a...
  19. etharla

    Tailored Mats

    Hi, me again!! Looking a bit of advice on replacement mats. What's the best option for an 09 W204 C63? Apart from the original that is..
  20. B

    Viano w639 floor mats

    Hi All I have a 2012 Viano in 8 seat configuration. Does anyone know if the rear mats I need are different for the 8 seat version (2x3 rear bench seats) to the 7 seat version (1x3 seat bench + 2xcaptains chairs)? All I can find on eBay is conference layout (seats facing each other) and all...
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