1. m.b-amg

    FS Matt Black AMG style alloys with tyres.

    Here we have a full set of Mercedes AMG style wheels complete with new tyres ( see receipt ) these wheels are matt black with a polished lip and come with all centre caps and AMG badges. These wheels are unique with the twist screw cap centre cap ( not like the pop off caps, these screw off...
  2. flowrider

    Matt's (Smoking Tire) Ultimate LA Daily Driver: 2001 Mercedes SL500
  3. PhilLinda

    Matt Black wheel colour

    Anyone know the colour name or code for Mercedes Matt Black alloy wheels need to touch up a few stone chips. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. A

    W207 matt black grill

    Listed on ebay @ 29.99 Because listing on ebay takes me less time than uploading a piccy to Photobucket!:doh: Mercedes W207 E Class Coupe MATT BLACK Grill, Chrome Star AMG E63 | eBay
  5. L

    Matt wheels

    Hi all, Im going nuts trying to find a good cleaner for matte wheels, anyone here with more knowledge than me that can tell me for certain "xxx product will do the job". ive tried a few, started with autoglym but tbh this was pretty useless. i read a bit on dr.beasley, but they are super...
  6. GLK

    How to restore matt aluminium trim?

    I wanted a sports gearshift, which only became available about two years after my car was built, so even though it has a factory Sports option, the gearshift is Avantgarde. So I bought one now, but would like to bring the aluminium trim (and leather, but that's easy) to an as new condition...
  7. vijilants

    Sports Grill for Mercedes W204 S204 C Class Matt Flat Black C63 AMG Look

    I purchased the grill below three weeks ago for £137.75 from a German supplier. It is matt black with a genuine Mercedes chrome star It fits the W204 C Class, however after fitting it, the look didn't work with the colour of my car. The grill was then never used. It is fitted...
  8. J

    18" AMG Monoblock Black Matt SWAP

    hi guys i recently got my amg alloys refurbished to matt black and honestly kinda regretting it, should of kept the original colour.... the alloys are in very good condition some minor scratches barely noticeable. im looking for a exchange for the same wheels. 18" monoblocks 8j all...
  9. fil28

    Wrapped from white to matt metallic grey

    I have wrapped my E63s in Matt metallic grey, had a great week at PW Pro. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  10. Scooby_Doo

    " //// AMG badge " , new style in Matt Black

    I bought this from ebay to put on my White C207 coupe but decided to stick with the chrome version. This was listed as OEM and the part No on the tag is A 0008170 414 and came unopened with the proper backing paper. When I opened the package the badge looked and feeled OK , the only thing that...
  11. D

    Front matt

    I require a set of floor matts for the front of my CLK. I want good mercedes or excellent replicas as I dont want to spend tonnes. Any ideas where good to buy them. Cheers. D
  12. grober

    Matt LeBlanc drives the Rolls Drop Top- nervously

    Top Gear's Matt LeBlanc winces as he gets to grips with Ireland's mountain roads | Daily Mail Online
  13. S

    SL63 P30 Matt Grey - New to me

    Just purchased a R231 SL63. Just blown away at the way this car pulls, enormous tourque. Thinking off a trip to MSL for a decat and map Check the Spec:- P30 Performance Pack Active Blind Spot Assist Active Lane Keeping AMG Drivers Package Electric Wind Deflector Distronic Magic Sky Control...
  14. leef44

    Matt black wheels wax

    I've got matt black alloys on my R172. Should you use special wax or is it ok to use stuff as you would for silver metallic alloys. I've got AmorAll Shield and rim wax products from my previous car. I was wondering whether it tarnishes the matt finish and whether you're meant to get products...
  15. Felstmiester

    Matt black c63

    Followed one today. I thought it looked the nuts!! What do you guys think? I'm seriously considering it. This is the actual one I followed! I was sad enough to get out and ask the guy about it. Mercedes-Benz C Class C63 4dr Auto 6.2 Stunning Satin Black wrap - Icon Motoring - Specialist...
  16. biturbo

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    Top gear recently has had the porsche 928 which is about the 3rd time they have had a feature with this car. The jag f type tonight been done recently, same as eagle speedster. Last week the lfo been done recently, the bently continental, been done in various versions about 5 times. The new s...
  17. C43AMG

    Matt's CLK DTM AMG ?

    In the March issue of the Mercedes Benz Club Gazette they have a auction section. In it was the above car which went for £126,000 with 26,000 miles 2007 It is the right hand drive model which is very rare, just thought it might be Matt's. Just to add at the NEC Classic Motor Show...
  18. olszowa12

    Hello All ! Modded C63 Estate by Matt

    Hi Guys, seeing this is a major European forum for Mercedes fans and users I decided to register, present my ride and offer some carbon fibre love to all AMG enthusiasts. My name is Matt and I am from Poland. I've been on for quite a long time, some of you might know me from...
  19. C

    Matt wrapp how to clean?

    Hi was just wondering if somebody could point me in the direction of how to clean my matt wrapped mercedes. I'm in fear of damaging the wrap using products that won't be sensitive on the wrap. Would be a big help if anyone is "in the know". Thanks.
  20. Shipley

    Matt CLS Grand Edition

    OK so I lied :p, I'm a long time lurker but am so pleased with my new purchase I thought I'd pop it on here. I traded my C270 CDI estate for this and am thoroughly delighted with it. For anyone thinking of buying a Merc, MB Caterham were stunning in their care and attention (ask for Hannah...
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