1. Palfrem

    Oily matters G 300

    Long shot. Not long after I had my 1994 G 300 petrol, it was dripping oil on my drive. A new head gasket was fitted and the dripping abated. A bit. However. 12 months later. It still deposits oil drips. Not a lot but enough to annoy. It has 5w 40 oil in it - as per modern MB...
  2. markjay

    Disciplinary Action - Employment Matters

    It is very rare that we are involved in Disciplinary Action against an employee, and the current matter is only the second time I have ever had to be involved in such case in several decades.... This relates to a company of which I am a Director, however I have no role in the day-to-day running...
  3. W

    Size matters apparently ..

    Check this out ... BLACK CUSTOM RANGEROVER P38 | eBay
  4. billywhiz

    Oily Matters - Big Service coming up - Anything else to check ?

    Got the 55 booked in for a biggy in the next few weeks as she's reached 100k. Runs fine at the moment but going in for : Full service inc plugs/all filters change. Replacing both rocker cover gaskets due to a bit of weeping. Gearbox Oil Change Diff oil change TC inspection Brake Inspection (...
  5. T

    Oil matters

    Hi all Just had e270 serviced and they've stuck 5/30 low ash Mobil oil in Looking at service book it has always had 0/40 in Is there much difference to way it effects engine? Also since service annoying whining noise coming from engine/ gearbox at certain revs and only at certain times...
  6. S

    Fuel Matters

    Some of you may recall i started a thread asking how many miles you guys were getting from your tank. The question was aimed at those with the 220cdi engine variant. Although i was happy to see what others were getting with larger/smaller & Petrol/Diesel engines. A comparative study of...
  7. The _Don

    PH BLOG: GO WITH THE FLOW Why flow matters more than horsepower or 0-60 willy wagglin

    PistonHeads Headlines - PH Blog: go with the flow
  8. Satch

    Why tread depth matters

    Been posted up a number of times that people with newer summer tyres are doing OK, how some people here chop tyes at 3/4mm remaining tread depth and how winter tyres start giving up being fully effective at 4mm. At work yesterday I had an exchange of views with someone who was moaning that...
  9. Spinal

    More oily matters on a W202 (viscosity)

    Greetings! I'm popping by Costco this afternoon, and just realised I can't remember what viscosity I need in a W202, 1.8lt petrol engine. I seem to remember 0W/40 on Mobil 1 - but can someone confirm this? Thanks in advance, you'll save me a trip home to look at the paperwork! Michele
  10. Stratman

    Petrol or Diesel? Your opinion matters.

    Alas, my trusty '96 C180 met an unfortunate end last night and I am now searching for a replacement. I am thinking early W203 estate, and I believe the top "bells and whistles" level is Elegance. Please put me right if it isn't. The biggest decision is whether to go for a petrol (180) or Diesel...
  11. robert.saunders

    BBC link - parking matters!

    As below Rather pertinent given recent threads :rolleyes:
  12. J

    MSM and other matters

    This is a bit of a rant - I've had a bad morning so far! : :crazy: I seem to remember when I was taught to drive (many years ago) the adage "Mirror - Signal - Manouvre" was intilled into me both by my instructor and the public information films . Today many drivers still obey the MSM...
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