1. Grovsie31

    w203 c55 amg floor matts

    Is there anywhere i can get hold of some proper amg floor matts, other than from MB. Ive not looked how much they are, but id imagine there not cheap. The ones in my car say Mercedes Benz on them, but they dont seem to fit that well, especially the 2 in the back, they are too small.
  2. C

    W204 estate matts

    I presume these can only be got from mb? Anyone know the costs for a set
  3. brucemillar

    Matts Groening - David Milliband

    is it just me or is Ed Milliband morphing into a Matts Groening character. I saw him on BBC news tonight. All he needs is a yellow face and he is complete. Apologies I put David in the title. Not sure it makes much of a difference.
  4. just240

    C-Class (w203) Mercedes Rubber Car Matts for sale

    I have for sale 4 genuine Mercedes Benz C-Class black rubber car matts. They came out of my C55 AMG. They are the heavy duty thick rubber type & will fit all c-class w203 door cars. See pictures below. They are in excellent condition with no tears or marks. I am looking for £30 collected from me...
  5. N

    Genuine AMG matts for E55

    Anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced set of AMG mats for an E55. Dunces cap for the first person to say a main dealer!;)
  6. M

    190E Matts?

    Hi, Is anyone selling some 190E beige/ cream mats? I am fixing up my new 190 and desperately need some original mats; the car came with some horrible grey plastic Type S mats!!!! HELP!!!! Thanks
  7. jaymanek

    Matts 560E project Hi Matt, Welcome to the forum, why are you doing this to me, you know I want to do this conversion, but I already have 6 points.... please take away those pictures, im getting ideas!!!
  8. Howard

    Matts next purchase ? Please MTV ..... Pimp My Ride......
  9. Z

    brand new floor matts for 211 (e class)

    genuine mercedes fllor matts,for 211 E class. brand new still in packaging 50 quid including postage
  10. Goldfish11

    Wanted - W211 Velour Matts in Pebble Beige (for Sand)

    Has anyone got, or knows of somewhere I can get hold of the following matts (apart from my local MB garage). I have black ribbed matts and have a family wedding coming up so thought I better get something to cheer the car up. I am being a bit mean and trying to avoid paying MB retail prices...
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