1. mpc

    USB - Maximum amount of files?

    When using the USB in the centre console for music files is there a maximum amount of music the stereo can handle? Also, what file format will the command system read? My car is a 2011 plate C250 S204 sport (12 button steering wheel).
  2. Bobby Dazzler

    Theoretical Maximum Speed Calculator (v2016)

    In the past I have calculated the theoretical maximum speed for members. For many it's just a bit of fun, but it has also been used to help inform those who are taking part in competition or modifying their cars. It's also been used to challenge the claims of manufacturers and press reports...
  3. J

    C 63 estate, rear maximum tyre width?

    What the widest tyre you can put on the rear with standard 19" wheels?
  4. 190

    Maximum Safe Battery Charging voltage

    Anyone know what voltage an original MB battery should be charged at in my W204. I don't want to risk any damage to the battery or electronics but I do want to fully charge it. I'm wondering what type the battery is with it being tuck away out of sight under all that plastic air ducting. Is it...
  5. B

    2000 sprinter 313cdi non start fuel rail monitoring maximum pressure exceeded

    Hi there im new to the Forum and looking for a Bit of help As above I have a 2000 Sprinter 313cdi It will Start Run for 2 seconds then cut out Code coming up as rail pressure monitoring Maximum pressure Exceeded .I have checked o rings on solenoid on rail And replaced filter. The EDC...
  6. developer

    Engineering The Maximum Speed Of Vehicles

    How I love my car and it's performance, along with the numerous bikes and superbikes I've owned over the years :thumb:. However, I do wonder why manufacturers produce vehicles that can go twice the speed limit (and more for some cars/countries). The "power to get me out of trouble" argument...
  7. C

    Maximum height of R230 when roof is opening

    Does anyone know the maximum height reached by the roof of an SL500 when opening ? I want to check whether it will open inside my garage without hitting the door mechanism finding out ! I have over 6 ft of clearance but want to play safe.
  8. R

    Maximum revs at idle... we all know is restricted to 3000. So, the question is, why does mine rev right up to the maximum 4500 and beyond when the engine is cold, but eventually is restricted to 3000 as the motor gets warm?
  9. P

    Space Savers maximum mileage

    To cut a long story short, my car was keyed late last night and they also took my valve so the tyre was deflated. I drove around 2 miles with it and got home. I asked the dealer what to do the next morning and they said ring MB breakdown which i did, guy came out, took the tyre off and said it...
  10. D

    C350cdi - Maximum of 30MPG

    Hello everyone, Can drivers of C350cdi's please post their general average MPG's. Basically I'm sure I've got a problem with my C350cdi, but MB have done the diagnostics and suggest nothing is wrong with it. Even when drive "like a granny" I cannot get above 30mpg for any journey. Thanks
  11. M

    W124 Maximum wheel width

    My son has a W124 230e which has had the suspension dropped at some time in the past.It looks really nice he's tinted it and we found a set of rims off a SL350 complete with tyres (free),they look great (10 and 8 widths).The diameter is slightly different (the wide ones are larger) but could be...
  12. Horrgakx

    Top speed question

    After reading a couple of threads I don't have an answer so here's my question... What will a 1999 E55 AMG do, if delimited, top end? The reason I asked is that on a well known location in Leicestershire I managed to max mine out. I've read that it is limited electronically to 155mph, the...
  13. D

    225 miles per gallon. He added it would cost a maximum of £14,000 to build.

    From flat pack.
  14. G

    Maximum safe engine temp

    I was wondering what the general opinion was as to the safe engine temp when towing a caravan. I have a 1999 C250 TD and was trying the towing of the caravan for the first time last night. I live on a hill and the temp stayed at 80 when driving down the bank and on the flat but when towing...
  15. BTB 500

    Broadband - how to find out maximum speed possible on my line?

    How can I find out the maximum speed available on my phone line? I'm hardly out in the sticks, but I've been told by my ISP that I can't get anything faster than 512 Kbps (what I'm on now). I'd like to verify this ... any idea how/where? TIA :)
  16. M

    What is the maximum I should pay for these alloys?

    Saw these wheels on ebay: and was wandering what you guys think the maximum I should pay.
  17. R

    112 CDI lowers the maximum rev while driving

    Hello all, I have a 1999 Vito 112 CDI. Normally when I start the car it revs fine up to approx. 4200 rpm. However, sometimes after driving it the maximum rev limit goes down to 2500 rpm. Which is obviously bad. I am trying to find a way to produce this symptom on demand and the closest...
  18. P

    SLK Maximum Wheel Sizes

    Hi there, I wondered if anyone could tell me the maximum wheel/tyre size I can fit on my 2003 SLK without any other modifications? Or alternatively, maybe there is a reference site where I could look? Thanks for your help Guys, Regards, Paul. P.S. I might have a set of...
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