1. AnilS

    Mazda MX5 MK1 1.8 iS £3500 (B61)

    A limited edition UK Mk1 Mazda MX5 1.8 iS Model (1997) EQUIPMENT Laminated windscreen, retractable halogen headlamps, rear fog lamp, bright finish door handles, colour keyed bumpers and door mirrors, colour keyed rear mud guards, manual folding black vinyl soft top with heated glass screen...
  2. M

    Merc C class Estate or Mazda 6 Estate or...???

    Guys, I am looking for a new estate to replace my 4 year old Toyota Avensis estate. Looking for a real upgrade (ready to spend ~£30K) from Avensis, more interested in new factory order though open to idea of up to 2 year old less than 10K mileage car. After doing some research for many...
  3. M

    Mazda RX-8 with E55 AMG Supercharged Engine

    This should be interesting. From the article: A fellow by the name of Nikos Tselos is spending most of his free time trying to stuff a "55 AMG" supercharged V8 engine into the shell of a blue RX-8. This Greep chap seems to have a passion for drifting and own a SEAT 124 DLS. So the result...
  4. C240Sport97

    new Mazda MX-5

    just checked out pre-order info EU weight (i.e including driver and luggage at 75kg) of the 2.0 (160 PS) litre car is 1000kg. amazing! lighter by far than anything else in its class (not that there is much)
  5. grober

    Mazda mx5

    Caught my first glimpse of the 2015 MAZDA MX5 in a local B and Q car park. It helps that the local MAZDA dealer is next door.;) Have to admit it looks the biz:thumb: [YOUTUBE HD]yzYr1lSwsSY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. T

    Non Merc:1999 MAZDA MX-5 1.8i - UK Car - Very Clean and Original - Hard Top - NEW MOT

    Mk2 1999 Mazda MX5 1.8i - UK Car 69,000 Miles with full service history - Cambelt changed at 54,000 miles. Car has just been MOT'd and runs out 8th February 2016 Just been serviced by me, obviously no stamp but all receipts for parts present British Racing Green MATCHING HARD TOP (not...
  7. John

    Mazda 6 or Audi A8

    This is a little premature, but I may need to buy a cheap second car for work commuting visiting other sites for the company. I don't really want to load up tons of miles on mine even though it would be most enjoyable (I've not ruled it out mind yet). I'd just about got down to a Mazda 6 2.0...
  8. edstrom76

    Spider invasion prompts Mazda software fix Love the comment by the Mazda spokesman at the end of the article :)

    Mazda 323f for sale 1998, one owner.

    For sale, 1998 Mazda 323f , five door hatchback/fastback , owned by friends of mine since new, who have just bought a new Audi Q3. The car has covered just over 97k and has been serviced by Mazda from new ( 13 stamps in service book, last one at 88567 miles).Taxed until April , MOT 10/10/2014 ...
  10. maryo e270 cdi

    Mazda RX8 2.6l 192Ps 2004 Breaking for parts!!!

    Breaking for parts!!!! 07592889118
  11. I

    Mazda MX5 For Sale

    Nevada Limited Edition - 1 of 100
  12. grober

    New mazda 6 2013

    Saw my first 2013 MAZDA 6 today in the metal /on the road so to speak. Nice low looking car- certainly an improvement on the old model. :thumb: Hopefully they have extended the rather limited range of colours they used to be available in? The one I saw was the same as in this review.4yQVCwmdzmI
  13. grober

    New Mazda 6 Coupe

    MAZDA have added a Coupe to their new saloon and estate 6 series. Might be the forerunner of a new Mondeo based coupe. :dk:
  14. Nik_Endeavour

    So I didn't buy an ML after all

    After posting here about getting an ML I went about to check a few out and spoke to a car dealer friend of mine whom had 2000 in stock. I didn't end up buying it but I didn't feel like leaving empty handed as I spoted a very black RX-8 for £2900. The icing on the cake was that he said I could...
  15. D

    FS Mazda RX8

    Long shot perhaps, but might as well post this up here in case anyone knows anyone looking for one. Link to advert:- RX8 Owners Club • View topic - FS Immaculate Black RX8
  16. gaz_l

    Mazda RX8?

    Greetings, citizens. I'm rationalising the car collection as 4 cars was getting a bit silly. The Subaru has gone, the Barchetta will be back on the road next week and will be at Auto Italia next weekend with a "For Sale" notice in the window. I figure 5000 Italian car enthusiasts, at least one...
  17. gaz_l

    OT: Mazda 5 ?

    Off-topic as per title, but does anyone have any experience with the Mazda 5? I'm trying to help my brother-in-law out with finding a (nearly new) car, and this seems like a likely candidate. I've had a couple of Mazdas in the past and found them generally to be well engineered and reliable...
  18. Melk63

    Mazda MX5 BBR Turbo

    Decided it was time to part with a long term obsession I have had. I bought this MX5 BBR Turbo 8 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the wind in the bold head moments. Now (a bit) more mature, want something more becoming, like an SL. Besides the BBR is not getting enough use. So Here it goes...
  19. nick mercedes

    What can you fit in the back of a sprinter? Surprising lack of rust for a Mercedes van...
  20. tali

    Mazda Spyder

    Car recalls and Mazda's mystery spider - :crazy:
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