1. markjay

    The Moral Maze - Central Heating Repair

    In short.... British Gas boiler insurance lapsed. Boiler packed up. Local boiler engineer (not BG) called on the Saturday and arrives same afternoon. Bangs on the boiler for two hours then says new thermostat needed, will be back with part next week. Shows up on Friday (six days later)...
  2. Madferrit

    The Maze - Game

    Can't beat the games on zoomans forum, but it'll help pass a few minutes of your day. Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for anyone getting fired, having their contracts terminated early, or the wife/ girlfriend/ etc walking out on them. Now we have that out of the way, You can...
  3. Kinky

    Drive the car out of the maze ....

    Found over on PistonHeads - Easy to work out .... not as easy as it looks though !
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