1. H

    ViseeO MB3 Issue

    I have a MB3 that I am trying it hook up to my 2005 350SL, but neither my phone, or my wife's will see it in bluetooth. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest, but to no avail. Anybody come across this issue before? It also says on the website that the bluetooth of the device can be updated...
  2. Guy.Pap

    Which Viseeo would you use

    I am after a method of connecting my phone via bluetooth to my comand system and as it is pre wired for a phone I was going to use a Viseeo unit question is which one will be good for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Either an MB3 or MB4 or do you have a suitable alternative..
  3. M

    Viseeo MB-3

    Got Viseeo MB-3, was wondering does it have to switch off automatically once ignition is off? As mine is not switching off, remains on all the time. Tom
  4. D

    Viseeo MB-3 & Iphone5 music

    Anyone got a Viseeo MB-3 working playing music to the stereo with an Iphone 5? I have the phone working but can only find the music cable for an Iphone 4 in the Viseeo box.
  5. D

    Viseeo MB-3 / UHI issues?

    Hi All, Got myself an 06 CLK 200k recently with an audio 20 stereo but wanted to be able to use the bluetooth functionality as I spend a lot of time on the road. I decided to order the Viseeo mb-3 as I liked the idea of listening to some of the music on my phone but since the first install...
  6. Merty

    Viseeo MB-3 vs Mercedes Benz HFP ??

    Guys which one is better:dk:, basically what i want is to use the buttons on the steering wheel to answer and end, use the dial number on the stereo and also see the contact list on my dial screen which one will give me this option also to feed in my music from my phone at the same time so...
  7. Merty

    Viseeo MB-3

    As above guys, looking for one of these above.
  8. smoothcoupe

    visseo mb-3 in w211 e55

    Hi all. Anyone got one of these visseo mb-3 modules? If so ars they any good.. whatscthe sound quality like and does the music titles come up on the screens..cheers..
  9. James B

    Help with Viseeo MB 3

    I bought the above gadget mainly to enable using my iphone via bluetooth through the car's phone functions but cannot get it to pair. I've been in contact with the factory in Taiwan and they have been very helpful. We've been through a few things but to no avail. These include disconnecting the...
  10. scharvey

    viseeo mb-3

    Thinking of purchasing SL350 with tel pre wired but no CD Multi changer or aux port on glovebox. Anyone had any experience of the ViseeO MB3 please Thanks
  11. SPX

    Viseeo MB-3 Bluetooth Music

    As per title, this slots into your armrest in place of the telephone holder thing. I used it in my W211 E-Class but I'm pretty sure that it is possible to use it in other Mercedes, but I cannot verify any other particular model. Much better than the HFP and earlier Viseeo units because you...
  12. W

    Help – I think a Visseo MB3 broke my car

    Hello I would be grateful if someone could suggest possible causes for UHI Power issue. My UK spec 2005 W203 C220 CDI Estate was factory fitted with the UHI Telephone prewiring option, an Audio 20 radio and a Nokia 6230i cradle adapter in the armrest. Recently I unwittingly connected a faulty...
  13. K

    ViseeO MB-3 - Samsung Galaxy S2

    I am new to the forum so hi. I bought a ViseeO MB-3 for my 2006 S320 and guess what it does not pair with my Galaxy S2. I upgraded the CPU firmware but no difference. I wrote to ViseeO but no response so far. While reading the forum, I notice that some of you have had such a problem before but...
  14. DSLiverpool

    Viseeo mb3 has Anyone bought one ?

    I'm interested in using it to connect my iPhone for music, I'm aware of how good they are for phone calls as I have one in the SL but for the CL I was thinking of getting the better one It says it streams via fm and I'm guessing you have to tune it in, I've tried this before and it was patchy...
  15. P

    viseeo mb3

    Hi,Just bought the viseeo mb3, i managed to sync my phonbook from my iphone4 to the mb3, but cant get to sync my phonebook from my mb3 to the comand system. in the mean time i do get a temporary disconection between mb3 and comand system (message such as phone not available). When the finished...
  16. N

    viseeo adapter, mb-2 or mb-3 ?

    Hi, i need to get either mb2 or mb3 to connect my phone to the comand system via the UHI connector. I quite like the idea of having the latest parrot chipset and the ability to play music thro my ipod and the charging facility. Has anyone got the mb3 and listened to music via their ipod ? I...
  17. R

    Viseeo MB-3 (and member offer!)

    Hi All Viseeo have released a new Bluetooth UHI/MHI adapter device called the MB-3. Its really an MB-2 on steriods with iPod/Bluetooth-Audio support. The iPod/Bluetooth Audio bit retransmits onto FM, and it has a nice display on it to show you what is happening, and a wired remote...
  18. blaser24nig

    New Viseeo MB-3 bluetooth adapter...

    An interesting email from Viseeo this morning regarding the new MB-3 adapter with new interesting features... Have a read http://www.viseeo.com/promotion/mb3promotionwebpage.html
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