1. S

    Happy New Year MBC

    Happy NY all :thumb:
  2. C

    Another Vito Driver & New MBC Member

    Hello every one. My name is Lucas and couple weeks ago bought our first Merc is only a 08 Vito 109 with 45k on clock:) but who knows meayby another merc as a second car next :) Joint forum as Have few plans so hope they all come to life and can shere them with other members also to find lozt...
  3. C

    Dynavin Head Unit and Freeview MBC D99 - C Class W203 and CLK

    Head Unit and Freeview Receiver to fit W203 C Class. I think the units are generally well known on the forum, they are fairly easy to install and require no modification to the car to fit. Functions are generally the same and a few additional to the comand units at a fraction of the price...
  4. E

    25% off All Meguiars Valeting for MBC Members - ONLINE only!

    Hi Guys Did You Know - Euro Car Parts are the 3rd largest stockist of Meguairs products in the UK! We stock the complete range, and to help keep you cars clean we are giving you 25% off EVERYTHING! Most Popular Products: Meguiars Hot Rims - Retail Price: £8.99 Forum Price...
  5. Koolvin

    MBC DIY Health days Days Part 1

    Right im begining to think that we don't pay enough attention on our cars so from Sunday - Saturday we will have a DIY health check. This week : Tyre pressures ! I want you to post what car you have, size and type of alloys. The reading should be like this: Car: Mercedes Dream...
  6. Koolvin

    MBE and MBC

    Maff has suggested that we all get all our pictures together from the recent spring get together that we had and post them to Mercedes Enthusiast magazine (whom did NOT turn up) Can you please e-mail me your pictures or burn them on CD or ftp them to me. The higher the resolution the...
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