1. G

    OMG What's Happened to the Forum...

    Can anyone advise why when I log in as usual I get direct to a new site page that I cannot do anything with! Thanks
  2. M

    New to MBCLUB

    Hi all just a quick hello from a new member. I'm on my fourth Merc now but the lastest one is the car I've been dreaming of for 5 years the C63 estate 2009. Had it for 3 weeks now 3 tanks of juice, day at Deutschfest brands hatch I haven't stopped smiling.I live in colchester Essex and am...
  3. Campoos90

    Presentation to the MBClub. w204 c220cdi query!?

    Alternator belt noise on w204? - c220cdi coupe Hi guys I have been hearing a very particular noise that I think that comes from the alternator belt. (Similar to an air leak). Is that normal? I have seen some videos on youtube and they sound pretty much the same... Thanks Campoos90
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Any Gumballers on MBClub?

    I really enjoy road trips, and taking part in Gumball 3000 or a similar rally definitely has an appeal, but the YouTube videos I've watched suggest that it can get a bit hairy and lairy which would probably put me off. Anyone ever done it?
  5. ringway

    A Story Written by MBClub Members.

    Rules. Try to follow the previous post in the style of a novel without using more than 20 words. The story can switch genre along the way. Perhaps we can write a bestseller! Once upon a time, there was a car salesman called Eric...
  6. gr1nch

    New to MBClub, first Merc arriving 2017

    Hi, As I've been lurking on here a few weeks now and picking up wisdom, experience and getting entertained , I'd realised tonight I'd not introduced myself yet. So here goes... The thing is I've never owned a Mercedes before, I don't have one now, but.....I put a hefty deposit down on a new...
  7. Z

    New To MBClub

    Hello All I have just joined this club and look forward to the mountain of advise you have to offer. After a Summer of complete emotion and expense i have returned to the Mercedes world. In April i bought a BMW X5 3.0d with the expectation of high riding and brute force i was left with...
  8. C

    63 Owners on MBClub

    I see quite a few threads on here relating to e63's but no pictures, thought I would start a thread to do so :rock: I'll start with mine; Only extra I don't have is massaging seats and distronic function. Having a pan sunroof (my 1st one) is something I love and the built in TV in headrests is...
  9. wongl

    Any MBClub Enthusiasts located in HK?

    Having landed in HK for a few months now from London, I am looking to acquire my first MB in HK and was wondering if there are any enthusiasts from HK lurking around on MBClub. Looking to connect/network as trying to understand the "technicality" of buying and running a MB car in HK. For...
  10. SL300-24

    MBClub Courier request

    Hi Guy’s I need to ask a favour if anyone can help. I have bought a wood steering wheel from eBay and paid for it. The thing is it is collection only from Nuneaton and I am in Basildon and need to get it here. I was wondering if anyone on the forum goes anywhere near Nuneaton and could pick...
  11. Timster

    MBClub Courier Service - Aberdeen to Edinburgh

    Hi Folks. If anyone is driving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh in the near future with space for a kiteborad (150cm length) and a kite (Normal rucksac size) I'd be very interested to hear from you! Beer tokens of course are at the ready! Cheers. Tim.
  12. Gurd63

    Mbclub Instagram users?

    How many of you are on Instagram? (I reckon some people might look and think wth is that lmao) I generally just post pics of the cars:rock: @gurd_devgun
  13. Steveoz320

    Hello to mbclub users

    Hello to everyone just introducing myself as a new member and new Mercedes owner,I recently purchased a e320 sport and after owning most car brands I'm really impressed with it.i have been looking over the forum for some time and looks very good and the responses from people are very...
  14. M

    MBClub Window Stickers...

    As a proud new member I'd like to show my allegiance....but I need a window sticker to help me spread the word - can we still get hold of the 75mm ones? Failing that I'll have to get a tattoo and Mrs MarkII won't be impressed ;)
  15. J

    MBclub Voyeur

    Hi Everyone I have spent the past two weeks on holiday in the south of France with my wife and three girls. Perhaps I am missing some man time but I have been glued to reading as much as I can about R129s particularly the SL 500. Thanks to the great collaboration I have seen thus far I on...
  16. Timster

    Another "Zoe" on the mbclub fleet!

    Hi! After reasonably extensive research and test driving and a lot of maths I've just ordered a Renault Zoe. I know, from the very helpful threads on this forum, that I'm not the only one here with one. It's going to be the second car for the family and I'll mainly use it for my 50 mile...
  17. CreosoteChris

    560SEC Parts Car (Surrey) Apparently Free to Interested MBClub Reader

    Posting here to give this post some exposure Note - I am not connected in any way with the vehicle or OP, just thinking that 560SEC owners may not have spotted the original post with original title in original location Regards Chris 93 220CE, auto, red / black leather, 104k...
  18. Koolvin

    Donations Please: Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    Oliver has set the below page up for donations https://www.justgiving.com/Oliver-Stoner A quick note from Ollie I started my own Mercedes specialist servicing business in 2007. During the set up period I had a nasty accident which left me with very little mobility. Through this time...
  19. A

    New to the MBClub

    Hello New to this forum looking for tips and advice as and when.
  20. Reggie-rock

    How long must I wait for the Official MBClub Decal I have purchased?

    Is it normal for a long wait for these.
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