1. whitenemesis

    Complete Mercedes Installation Packages by MBenzNL - True Luxury

    An interesting article Mercedes Installation Packages - MBenzNL - European Car Magazine
  2. Koolvin

    MBenzNL - The genius that is...

    Thanks to miro for sharing. stationary heater, distronic, heated and vented seats with dyanmic, facelift nav and cluster, keyless go, folding and dimming mirrors with memory, automatic transmission fitted, AMG brakes, w209 interior etc :eek: :rock: iYKrGjHzzXI
  3. NW_Merc


    Is this company still trading, tried emailing them but no reply?
  4. tropico

    MBenzNL mods : I dreamed of it, Steve did it

    DVD Comand, iPod integration kit & Parrot Blurtooh car kit on a 05 W203. Last week i drove from Paris to Steve's workshop in Netherlands. My son and I were so excited to meet the famous Steve. A few hours later i could drive back home with a DVD based Comand, a 40 Gig iPod fully integrated and...
  5. M

    Retrofit digital TV [863] to W211 2004 - Thanks to MBenzNL for parts

    Started at 7:30pm Tuner in position Rear Seat Interior shot Now there is a TV button ! Instrument cluster shows ..... (look at the time) Digital TV provides a TV guide for each channel First preview of a movie in digital resolution Same movie, same...
  6. M

    MBenzNL Hands-Free and MB Warranty

    Have bought used E240 with warranty from MB. I am thinking to install hands-free system (as my car is not pre-wired) from MBenzNL guys. But am concerning about my warranty. In terms and conditions I have found: This warranty does not apply where: ... The vehicle has been modified or...
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