1. I

    Christmas meal

    Following on from the various Christmas threads, how about a food one? Bonus points for non traditional repasts :D:D I'll start: Grilled lobster with butter and dill. Prawn risotto lightly flavoured with pastis and truffle. Lemon syllabub with almond biscuits Washed down with...
  2. John

    Drinking at meal times.

    Is there a definitive answer as to whether drinking (water-based drinks for example) before, during and or after a meal is a good thing or a bad thing? I've read conflicting anecdotal Internet posts. However, and I am not a chemist, but if I have 500ml of Hydrochloric acid, and I pour in...
  3. verytalldave

    Worst meal I have EVER HAD

    Recently my job took me to Norway for 3 days. Lovely country and really lovely people (all the ladies are drop dead gorgeous and blonde - but I digress). While there I was wined and dined by the client and had a couple of unusual dishes. One was nice and was Reindeer Stroganoff. Really...
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