1. M

    Dash Warnings and does anyone know what this graphic means?

    All, I've had a few spurious warnings displayed on the dash of my C Class with 200 miles on clock. If the cars been stood for a few hours and I set off driving, when the doors lock, the dash including Comand screen go off for 1/2 a second and come back on - normally accompanied by a "Parking...
  2. reflexboy

    Anyone know what this means?

    On the MB Approved used site, each car has a list of equipment. Three things are listed fairly regularly: Technical modifications (09), MBUK Lock - Remove to allow 0-R75 and PRE-SAFE Any ideas what these three things are?
  3. J

    What does this sign means?

    Any idea?:p
  4. Chattonmill

    can anyone tell me what this fault code means?

    P1817-2 I am assuming that it has somwthing to do with my lights, but am not sure waht! Any enlightenment would be gratefully received!:D
  5. Spinal

    Unlimited internet... now means 200mb/month!

    I quite like O2... I've been with them almost 9 years now and never really had a complaint... until now... As part of my contract, I got offered an "Unlimited Web Bolt on"; great I though - I could use my XDA for most of my work when moving around! Then I read the small print... subject to...
  6. T

    Techy question -does anyone know what this means?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so apologies if i'm in the wrong section.I'm a new owner of a 2003 C230 Komressor.I'd only had the car a couple of days when i had the car on tickover it started to misfire slightly and the check engine light came on.If i re-start the car it drives superbly,but if i let...
  7. N

    Classic, Avantgarde, Sport means what?

    With regard to a mid '90s C Class what does this designation mean? Is it trim levels, suspension settings, available options? Does Classic = stripped, Sport = same as Sportline & Avantgarde is something in between? Were all options available on all 3 levels? What are the most desirable...
  8. ADY1983

    I think he means replica AMG alloys??

    I think he means replicas? but check out the mileage that is low, unless he means 490k:p its possible it is a merc:rock:
  9. F

    oh is THAT what it means?
  10. Limited Edition

    I bet he knows what "Car Free Zone" means now!

    Sign in background say's "Car Free Zone"
  11. N

    Anyone know what this means?

    My Mum has just had her first service at 10K miles on her 2002 C180K Auto Coupe done by the local MB dealer. I went over yesterday to make sure that they had stamped the service book and read the invoice of work done which mentioned that the "upper cylinder area and lambda sensor" had been...
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