1. SG1

    This wasn't meant to happen!

    A couple of days ago I went somewhere to collect something. I saw this 126 parked in the corner and asked if it was for sale and the reply was yes. I had a look at it and half an hour later agreed to buy it. It's had one owner since new until around two years ago and also has the original...
  2. bpsorrel

    If you're not meant to die, you won't!!

    Watch this video from a dashcam in Moscow. Incredible! Watch the red truck.... Not ONE person was injured!! Âèäåî:  Ìîñêâå «ÊàìÀÇ» âûëåòåë íà ïåøåõîäíûé ïåðåõîä - Ãàçåòà.Ru | Âèäåî
  3. Ultrarep

    Is steering meant to be quite heavy?

    Hello all. Still getting used to the S211 320cdi. 2004. Love the car and have fixed the thermostat, shuddery gearbox etc and it generally drives very well and is ecconomical returning high 40's daily Latest question to rise up in my mind is the weight of the steering. It feels quite...
  4. S

    SO I was meant to be going on Holiday....

    This morning on the drive to work I was feeling very pleased with myself. I had just one day left to go before I was off on holiday and was mulling over all the stuff I had prepared. As I mentioned in a thread way back my best mate and I were doing a travelling holiday of driving around Europe...
  5. A

    Is a differential meant to do this?

    Ok i have a very important question here and this could lead to me going back to the indy's that i thought i trusted and really having a go at them. We removed the exhaust fully and we had the propshaft infront of us, now i must explain that the car is on a ramp with all four wheels unable to...
  6. merc180k

    Don't think it's meant to look like this!!

    Something seems wrong with that picture - I'm thinking perhaps the wheel but might be wrong!:rolleyes: Should the airbag not have deployed?
  7. pammy

    Some things are just meant to be

    Just been in touch with BT for moving my services over when I move house. It's a different exchange so I get another new number. It's a cracker - ends in 666 :devil: :devil: :devil:
  8. M

    A whimsical view of life in present day UK - its meant to be funny !

    Notsure if this has done the rounds before but I came across this today .....:) The story of the squirrel & grasshopper REST OF THE WORLD VERSION: The squirrel works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building and improving his house and laying up supplies for the winter...
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