1. uumode

    Accuracy of onboard tyre pressure measurements?

    My tyres should be at 255kPa or 36.99 psi Digital pump on petrol station forecourt is set to 2.55 bar (=255kPa) so all 4 tyres should be at 2.55 bar or 255kPa The car's own electronic reading shows Front NS = 270 Front OS = 265 Rear NS = 263 Rear OS = 255 Not overly...
  2. aquanaut

    Caster measurements for C63

    Hello, in relation to my "Quaife LSD eating my rear tyres" thread, i had my C63 in for a full hunter alignment & suspension check yesterday. All that was required was some minor adjustments on rear toes but has made the car feel better. The garage that did it mentioned the caster readings were...
  3. Mrhanky

    M113K / E55K Oil dipstick measurements

    I have just picked up a new oil level dipstick for my E55K. Does anyone know or have the exact measurements for the different levels on the M113K. After some digging about on the net, I have come up with 167 - 169mm being the correct dipstick measurement for level. However, Im not sure if...
  4. G

    W202 estate boot measurements?

    This is a bit of an odd request, especially for a first post - hi, by the way! We're looking to move in a few months, but need to transport several cats in their boxes. Our current car is not an option, but I am looking at C-Class, having previously owner (and loved) a W202 estate. The thing...
  5. B

    SL55 V8 Badge Measurements..

    Hi, Can anyone with an SL55AMG let me know the measurments of the "V8 Kompressor" badge goes from the vents and wings, as i need to fit them and want the OEM specs Thanks
  6. J

    E350 Coupe Badge Measurements

    Decided to stick the badge back on! I wonder if someone with an E Coupe would mind giving me the mm measurements for the badge below please? (yes pretty OCD when it comes to things like this :dk: )
  7. alanuk400

    22000 E240 Tailgate badge measurements

    Hi I have just purchased the above, as a second car, and the badge is on the wrong side, I have taken it off and ordered a set from Mercedes (parts told me that E240 was discontinued & I have to order E420 &...
  8. Benzowner

    E Class Boot Measurements

    Hi, can anyone help? I need to know the maximum height in the boot of an E Class W210/211. Short of going to a dealer with tape measure in hand, I thought I would ask here. The height from boot floor to underside of the rear windscreen area. They don't show that height on MB's web page.
  9. SilverSaloon

    27mm socket - what is nearest size in imperial measurements?

    Hi I've got to get a 27mm socket. Anyone know whats the socket size in imperial measurement? thanks derek
  10. gina2201

    Interior measurements

    Strange one this I know, but is there a site detailing the internal dimensions of vans? :)
  11. R

    CLK cabin measurements

    Dear,,,,,,,,,,,Anybody. I am new to this kind of thing and don't know if I have entered this request in the correct place. Here goes....... I am considering buying a fairly new 2000 model CLK320 but cannot find information on the cabin internal measurements ie. Legroom/Headroom. I am 6' 2"...
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