1. S

    Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area

    Hi, Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area, Kirkcudbright / Dumfries please, just moved to area.
  2. si.

    wrexham mobile mercedes mechanic ?

    hi all. I have a 2011 sprinter that has a starting issue. need a mobile mechanic, preferably a mercedes one to diagnose/ repair it. thanks
  3. E

    Looking for R107 mechanic in south london

    Hi all, New to this site but am looking to find a mechanic in South London for my 380SL. Got an oil leak plus when I last took her out she was stuck in 1st gear and would not kick down. There are one or two other issues and would like to find a mechanic who could deal with the problems and...
  4. A

    W245 B200cdi EGR LOCATION? my mechanic says need engine dropped?

    If someone could help regarding the EGR location on a W245 B Class B200cdi. My car is smoking and losing power, all of which correlates to a faulty EGR and confirmed with a STAR test. however my mechanic thinks the EGR is in a hard to reach place and needs the engine dropped to access it...
  5. K

    Occasional misfire Mercedes Mechanic Baffled

    Hi all, My C220 CDI 54 plate has had the Glow plug relay replaced, glow plugs replaced and my EGR valve replaced with new genuine parts, yet the car is still occasionally misfiring? The fuel injectors have all being pressure tested etc., and all test OK. STAR diagnostics reports no faults or...
  6. N

    MB Mechanic in North West

    Hi, I have a 1986 300SL Mercedes, which I have had for 10 years and is in good condition nut now in need of a little TLC...I am looking for a good mechanic/garage, preferably based in the north west (UK)...I could go to the SL shop, but was looking for something more local, and don't really...
  7. eddie007

    mobile mechanic

    I recently bought a 1968 Mercedes 250 saloon, I think its running too rich and I'm struggling to get it running properly cuts out, spark plugs very sooty. does anybody know of a good mechanic who can help? preferably mobile and knows about these engines. I live in Preston Lancashire. thanks
  8. A

    mechanic spalding

    i am moving to Spalding does anyone know a good mechanic who can work on a 1986 300SL , Thanks for any imformation
  9. L

    Stuck with "black death" & cow boy mechanic job. Please help!

    Hi guys, Big hello to everyone as it's my very first time here. I have just bought w210 320cDi with 90k on the clock. Only 1 owner car and it's a mint apart for one problem "black death". Last owner explained to me that injector 3 is stuck as he tried to get it fixed but the mechanic...
  10. B

    123 230CE Transmission Noise - Misfires - FRENCH Mechanic

    Gentlemen, Ladies, Having replaced and adjusted the centre bearing of the prop-shaft according to all the postings, e.g. lower the vehicle and rock it backwards and forwards or push it around the place before tightening the locking nut, when I change in to fifth there is a transmission noise...
  11. I

    Mechanic for servicing and repair!

    Hi all, Is anyone able to give some feedback on Mercanix based in Hurst, UK? I would be grateful for your comments.
  12. B

    Any W202 c230K Mechanic?

    Looking to ask a few questions Maybe a mechanic, regarding Air Fuel mixture problems and the sensors that control the same, Oxygen sensor?? 4 cylinder c230 kompressor w202 chasis in Mexico City.:dk:
  13. stwat

    This Emmy-Award Winning YouTube Mechanic Is Full Of S**t

    This Emmy-Award Winning YouTube Mechanic Is Full Of Shit
  14. flango

    MB Mechanic clocked at 192.6 mph

  15. -Ian

    MB Mechanic speeding 100mph in my car

    I took my car into the local MB dealer today because I had a problem with the brakes not being efficient enough. To cut a long story short after the had worked on my car a mechanic took it out for a "test drive". Now as it happens I have a dash cam in my car and I decided to see where they...
  16. S

    good mechanic st. annes or blackpool

    Recently moved to St.annes , We 've got 2 mercs, cdi:mad: 320 and clk 320 we've had bad experience with west coast auto can anyone recommend good mechanic locally ? thanks:mad:
  17. A

    Mechanic near south east london/kent

    Looking for someone who can fit H&R lowering springs on a e-class coupe around Dartford/Bexleyheath area. Any recommendations?
  18. D

    what is the cheapest recovery acct can used to cover all cars to mechanic or home

    using paid expenses or bank accounts like natwest or anywhere else pls we all can use this as a method, as insurance brokers and companies are no longer offering complimentary roadside assitance which can be used on other cars any pointers hint will be gratefully received
  19. B

    W164 ML320 CDI engine issues - new mechanic?

    Hey there, I have had my 06 ML320 CDI for about 2-3 years now and for the past 4-5 months, it has started showing some signs of old age (105,000 miles). 1. First of all, the engine start up. Every morning it takes quite some time to get the it started, varying between 5-10 and sometimes even...
  20. T

    Independent Mechanic in Brittany

    Independent Mercedes mechanics in Brittany Merry Christmas to all members!! I am urgently in need of an indie mechanic in Brittany, preferably in areas 22 or 29. My e270 W211 has a red warning and having had the sbc pump changed by Jacksons in Salisbury I know find myself stranded and I...
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