1. ShinyF1

    S210 new 'Mechanical ' steering feel

    Driving the old beast yesterday and it felt like there was some obstructive intervention in the operation of the rack - no evident shake or vibration on the road as such, just a feel through the wheel as you go from lock to lock of something there causing it not to be smooth. Sorry I can't...
  2. C

    Mechanical club

    My R129 isn't perfect but that's because it's a project car I want to get up to par through my own work. Is there a club or meet that's gets people together to discuss or work on cars. The local place to hire 'Ramp it up' in Avonmouth has just closed so I'm at a loss for advice or opportunity to...
  3. GLK

    High precision mechanical pencils

    Anyone into these high precision, very fancy and pricy, mechanical pencils? My sister sent me a few, but I just can't get one with them - prefer a simple old-fashioned pencils that I can sharpen and shape as I like, with the exception of my trusty Montblanc Michelangelo 5.5mm, but that's for...
  4. A

    W205 C63 Mechanical Diff Service

    Hi all, I posted this on MBworld after some confusion between dealers as to what's supposed to happen regarding the mechanical diff service on the non-S W205 C63. Hopefully it helps: Here's some news that might benefit other users, as I know there's been some confusion regarding the first...
  5. Horrgakx

    Mechanical hum/whine when engine turns off

    Car is C250 AMG Line Premium Plus Diesel. When I turn the engine off I notice a faint mechanical hum. Does anyone know what this is? I suspect that it could be an electric pump which circulates engine oil in order that the turbo oil doesn't cook. But does anyone know for sure? Link to...
  6. uumode

    Mechanical vs jet vs hand wash

    Mechanical the least damaging in test
  7. Brian 1

    How many Mechanical members

    Just wondering how many mechanics are on here? I know nothing about engines what so ever.......except Diesel goes in one end and I drive the other
  8. Giantvanman

    Do you struggle with mechanical and engineering problems?

    Here is the solution:-
  9. DSLiverpool

    Mechanical sympathy and EVs

    Our little Zoe has slotted in nicely to our car pool and it's got me thinking that Sunday morning nipping out for the papers, bacon etc I'm sure I'm not the only one cringing when doing this in a stone cold V8 that is still cold on return - on many an occasion I felt the need to drive around for...
  10. I

    MB Tier 1 Warranty - mechanical failure - do you have to wait for the breakdown?

    Hi A specialist told me my suspension needed repair, the car is under a T1 warranty (the specialist had no expectation of making the repair so I'm fairly confident in his motives) MB said 'there is play in the suspension but it's not enough to fail an MOT (their own MOT specialists) so...
  11. 5

    Wanted . Amg , Damaged or mechanical issues

    Hi i am looking for any amg car newer then 2002 that has mechanical issues or is salvage thanks
  12. E

    Mechanical Damage Insurance Cover?

    Browsing (I'd say trolling, but that has rather negative connotations these days...) through another thread (on Smart car problems), I saw a post from Bolide/Nick Froome that appeared to imply that one could claim for mechanical damage on one's (comprehensive, implicitly) insurance policy. Did I...
  13. I

    Gearbox - Mechanical & electrical Guru?

    Hi All, Some of the threads on hear have got me thinking, especially as I have a problem with my 5sp auto on the s211 E320cdi (53-reg). Most places including MB seem to think that you need a new gearbox or torque converter, if the oil and filter change makes no difference! My car only when...
  14. A

    W204 Steering lock mechanical fault diagnosed

    Being quite disappointed with my MB 2008 38K on the clock and does not respond to my keys. Can turn but nothing happens - steering lock still locked. STAR mobilo diagnosed "Steering lock mechanical fault" and removed the car by special truck taken to MB local dealer. No news from them to date...
  15. H

    E320 M104 speedometer, electronic or mechanical?

    Tried w/search, no luck... It's a 5 speed manual. VIN number: WDB1240921F261514 Engine: 104992 10 001861 Transmission: 717450 06 335607 Thanks. //johannes
  16. gIzzE

    Steering light on W212... mechanical or electrical???

    I have just swapped my W211 E320cdi avantgarde estate for a W212 avantgarde estate. So far not liking the W212 as much if I am honest with myself. The steering is the thing that is really letting it down. I don't have the 'direct steering' option on my car, I have the variable ratio...
  17. rxp2007

    Comand unit mechanical problem

    Hi, i have a mechanical problem in comand gps unit from w203 mercedes. When i insert the cd, it comes out soon. I disassembly de unit, but the problem continues. I need a part on the picture, where can I buy it? :mad:
  18. P

    Question for 250td mechanical Gearbox owners

    Hi, I just wonder, if you start to drive in 1th gear, release cluch fully, and then hit the floor. Will the weels spin with asr off on asfalt ? if its so, is it spin weels at 650-1500rpm range, or after turbo join ~2500rpm?
  19. The Boss

    Who has never had a mechanical breakdown

    Who has never had a mechanical break down in their car... not really directed to those who have owned the car for a short time.
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