1. PhilG

    W219 Headlamp washer mechanism

    I went to my local car wash, used scores of times before, and came out with a broken headlamp washer mechanism and no cover. I have no idea how this happened but whatever. Went back to the car wash and managed to get the cover back. I've got a new mechanism ready to go in, looks like this...
  2. Grotbag1

    CLK A209 Convertible - Roof mechanism

    Small problem with the roof mechanism. When opening roof all works fine until the last bit when the metal cover is supposed to come down. It stops and warns the boot cover is up. I then have to put the roof back up, open the boot and pull the boot cover forward a fraction. The roof will then...
  3. M

    Wiper Linkage Mechanism

    Hi, I drive a 2001 Mercedes W210, E class, 320 cdi. The problem is my front wiper is not working. The motor is working, you can hear it when you turn on wipers. It was dark when I looked at it but is there some linkage in the arm that might have uncliped that would prevent the wiper from making...
  4. HB

    R129 Roof mechanism

    I need for a friend top right hand roof locking mechanism for an R129. ( right hand as we are sitting in the drivers seat ) Or does anyone know where we can get it fixed, the hydraulic fluid is leaking out of it.
  5. B

    2013 E320 Cabrio - mechanism noise from rear cover

    Just want a sanity check on the the amount of noise I should expect when the rear panel closes at the end of the open/close roof operation. We get a very noticeable metallic 'clunk' - is this normal or should it be much quieter?
  6. lisa110rry

    Could you help me regarding an R170 window mechanism?

    Hello all, me again, the frivolous one. Sadly, I've come across my first non-servicing problem with my dear little unusually coloured SLK. Her driver's door window tends not to go down first time of asking (fine second time at time of writing - so far). Went to visit my regular mechanic on both...
  7. bobby

    C43 AMG Single Wiper Mechanism - Sticking at 45°

    Hi guys, Hope all is well with everyone! Quick question: My wiper is stuck at 45 ° - I seem to remember this is a common problem with W202 single wipers where the teeth wear away meaning the wiper doesn't park properly Does anyone know what the replacement part(s) needed are as I am...
  8. R

    e300 td timing mechanism

    1998 E300 td, 49700 genuine miles. Has anybody out there ever replaced the fuel pump advancement/retard timing mechanism, which is located on the back of the pump drive sprocket. As i have a gut feeling that mine has somehow jammed in the retarded position following very (suddenly) bad...
  9. jhorn

    MB W221 boot mechanism problem

    Hi All I have sorted my S class W221 boot mechanism problem. It was not closing correctly. I had to press handle and mechanism was clicking and clicking untill getting in to position to close it . MB said of course to change the locking mechanism .... about £500. Though I can live with my...
  10. dodgy26

    Mercedes C Class estate 250td door lock mechanism

    I am looking for a nsf door lock mechanism for a 1998 w202 C class estate 2.5td or a part number or if the lock from another w202 C class of the same year or there abouts will fit. Thank you
  11. adile220

    W124 Coupe Passenger door lock mechanism removal

    Hi All, After the door stopped locking, I decided to have a go at removing the locking mechanism to see if I can do anything about it... After removing the door panel (stage 1), I have managed to release the locking mechanism, but not been able to remove it from the door - something still...
  12. P

    Since Window reg replacement, roof stopped working...

    Hi again everyone, Having replaced the regulator in the R/H side door (drivers as this is a UK spec car) and got that working really well, the roof no longer works. It did work perfectly before the window regulator failed... Could be coincidence but... What happens now is that the windows both...
  13. clk208

    W219 (same as W211) wiper mechanism - help please!

    Hi folks, Jumped in the CLS earlier this evening after some basic de-icing. I thought I had cleared the screen externally with de icer but it seems the left wiper was still firmly frozen onto the screen. :doh: I pressed the wash/wipe button and the driver's side wiper promptly did it's stuff...
  14. S

    E class Rear Window Mechanism.

    One of my rear off side windows does not work. I have partially removed the door panel and can see that the cable that works the window is disconnected from whatever it should be connected to? There is a broken piece of white plastic in the bottom of the door along with a piece of metal. These...
  15. G

    Successfully repaired severely damaged w211 folding mirror mechanism

    Hi, I just thought I'd share my experience of repairing my folding mirror. I clipped another mirror in a narrow street. Really not very hard but enough to break the motor/gearbox part, meaning the mirror just flapped about. The only other damage was a small crack in the indicator lens. I...
  16. markymark45

    w208 cabriolet roof mechanism fault local help required Oxford UK please

    Hello fellow MB owners, Im new to forums and message boards alike so please go easy on me....i have just bought a very nice looking w208 clk convertible unfortunatly i had to travel 300 miles for it and it was night time and raining when i purchased it so like A numpty i just took the sellers...
  17. Jukie

    W202 wiper mechanism

    Re the W202 wiper mechanism.... As it sweeps across, it should move up and down, correct? on all W202 models of whatever age, correct? I was looking at a '99 C43 today. The wiper swept across ok but didn't move up and down? And yet it covered right up to the top of the windscreen in the centre...
  18. R

    w124 cabrio understanding the hood mechanism

    Greetings all, I am looking for a little light bedtime reading regarding my W124 hood mechanism. I would love to understand the process of how my hood works after I unclip the front head catches and press the illuminated red button. How does it all orchestrate together? Does every moving...
  19. K

    w202 rear door mechanism parts wanted

    one of my rear doors is missing the button you use to lock and unlock the car inside so need that plus the rod it connects to etc
  20. J

    Park Shift Lock Mechanism.

    Whilst it's in my head, and getting the W202, I bought back to good condition both inside and out... or at least usable and tidy. My 5 Speed Auto, will let me change from Park, into Reverse without my foot on the brake? However it won't let me take the key out in anything but Park, so I know...
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