1. D

    C220 2014 media playback options

    First time poster, so please be gentle :p So have a C220 cdi (w204?) executive ce diesel estate and am exploring music playback options. What I have found so far, I can connect via bluetooth and play media, I can play CD's and I can play mp3 files from the usb connector in the armrest via a...
  2. K

    Media only plays sound and no video on new W213

    Hi everyone, new member, this is my first post, I have a new W213 E Class. I have copied a DVD to the memory stick and saved as an MP4 file. When trying to play it in the car it plays as sound only with no video Am i missing something ?
  3. M

    W213 Comand custom POIs & media upload

    I am really frustrated by the lack of ability to add custom POIs to my new E320d. It is a feature which has just "disappeared" without notice. I always used it on my Jag for "Safety Cameras". Does anyone know how or who to put pressure on to re-instate the facility? The same goes for uploading...
  4. N_Jepson

    Q: W213 E-Class Media Register HDD

    Apologies if this has been answered before (I did search the forum). I've recently taken delivery of a W213 E Class with the latest comand with but for life of me I cannot see the option (or how to) copy MP3 from a USB stick to the HDD part of the Media Register. The dealer has said it is...
  5. mpc

    Which iPod Media Cable?

    Hi, newbie here I recently bought a 2011 plate C250 Cdi BlueEFFICIENCY Sport Edition 125 7G-Tronic with the 12 button steering wheel for command module. I want to get the iPod module cable that goes in the centre console but don't know which one I need. I have tried one that had the...
  6. mark44

    AMG Performance Media retrofit

    I've read it's possible and relatively easy to retrofit the AMG Performance media module. I'm interested in installing it in my W204. Has anyone actually done it on this forum? If so do you have part numbers? Did try a search here, but it never seems to work for me. Thanks
  7. ckember

    comand ntg4. 5 and media interface problem

    i have a 2013 cls with the ntg 4.5 comand online. I have two strange problems. 1) when powering up a large 2 is displayed in the top right hand corner for a few seconds. 2) when I connect any device , ipod classic, nano, and iPhone 6 or 6plus using b the media interface cable, and the apple 30...
  8. garycat

    Media Interface Kit not recognised

    I purchased a 2014 C204 C Class coupe a couple of weeks ago and it came with this kit ...which plugs into a socket in the centre console, but none of the adaptors are recognised. Is there something I need to do to enable it? I've checked my car has option 518 (media interface) so it...
  9. M

    2017 Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe & E43 Sedan Media Test Drive & Walkaround

    2017 Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe Media Test Drive & Walkaround [YOUTUBE HD]nlqpg-iKjSQ[/YOUTUBE HD] 2017 Mercedes AMG E43 Sedan Media Test Drive & Walkaround [YOUTUBE HD]OTgHloV59F4[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. developer

    Harassment And Social Media - Can You Guess?

    My mate "Dave" received some unpleasant messages via whatapp and text, all from one person, to the point where he asked for a home visit from the Police to discuss his options. The officer looked at said offending messages and advised Dave that he could go down the route of an harassment...
  11. R

    USB Media on new E220d W213 Driving me mad!

    Hi not sure if anyone can help but here goes. Put a selection of albums on a USB stick, all tagged correctly (as I thought) with album art etc, connected to USB1 in the car and noticed I had some errors on the MP3 tags that I needed to correct. Made some changes and plugged the USB back in and...
  12. bob6600

    Liberty Media buys Formula 1 in £6bn deal

    Bernie to stay on for now Liberty Media buys Formula 1 in £6bn deal | F1 News
  13. G

    Retrofit media interface - iPod

    Another day, another problem/question. So, my B-Class W246 (2012) doesn't seem to have the media interface installed. The only audio connections to the Audio 20 stereo is either via Bluetooth streaming, USB drive or good old 3.5mm connector in the arm rest. I did want to control my...
  14. D

    Media interface

    Right, ordered the lead from Comand Online to link my iPod via Bluetooth. Lead came today, plugged it in and no blue light as per instructions. Now I either have a dud unit or my media interface isn't powering the unit. Is there a fuse for the media interface? When I select media the screen just...
  15. G

    Audio 20 Media Play Random Order

    Am I the only one having this problem? I have just taken delivery of my 10 months old C220D AMG Line. My previous C220 with COMAND allowed me to play media playlists in random order AND REMEMBERED THE RANDOM SETTING. My new car with Audio 20 plays in random order but resets itself every time I...
  16. B

    Amg performance media

    Has anyone on here or uk managed to retrofit this? There's very few posts I can find about this ?
  17. D

    W213 media system issues

    I have a new W213. It's a very nice car. I have a few issues with the media system but the main one is this - I listen to my music from a 64gb USB stick. I have the music on the stick divided into folders ( Music A-Z, Soundtracks, Compilations, Classical). The problem is the system doesn't...
  18. J

    S211 2005 E55 AMG rear AV remote missing

    I have the above with the factory supplied rear centrally mounted AV screen. You can select to watch the TV/DVD/aux input etc, and there are 2 headphone outputs and volume controls. However I don't have the remote that came with it and without this you cant select the source and it is stuck on...
  19. russwagg

    Media Interface leads

    Set of 3 from a 2010 C Class, probably fits several. Item numberA 001 827 93 04 Ipod, USB, DIN leads that plug into the glove box. Any interest?
  20. M

    new e class amg line media player problem

    Hi can someone help me. My boss has just purchased a new e class amp line. This is used as his taxi business and so he needs the media player to play movies during quiet times. Now I have tried a new SanDisk 128 go usb stick with movies and music on it but the problem is the car keeps saying...
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