1. Edwards521

    M B of Medway for C63

    Hi all I'm taking my C63 to M B of Medway on Wednesday to have the guys listen to my rather annoying 'ticking' sound that I notice when driving in built up areas.... Anyway, has anyone used this independent? Or, does anyone else have an 'injector type ticking? Maybe it's normal?
  2. N

    MB of Medway

    Hi all, just joined today and am looking for somewhere in the Medway area to get my E320 CDi serviced. I have seen the above in an internet search but they don't really have a website to view so was wondering if any of you guys have had any experience with them at all? Thanks, Nick.
  3. R

    Medway GTG!

    I have been asked by a couple of people if I can organise a GTG in Medway. Having consulted my diary it looks like the mornings of Saturday 18th June or Saturday 25th June are looking good. I am in consultantion with an independent Mercedes garage in Medway about if they would mind us...
  4. paulofkent

    Independent MB Garage In Medway Kent

    I have used Mertech a independent MB garage a couple of times and would recommend them. A very helpful garage and very good price's, excellent customer service.
  5. R

    Oh the joys of living in Medway!

    A friend of mine took this photo........
  6. lynall

    Wicked Wheels Medway

    Has anyone used them as Lisa wants her wheels done? Looking for a mobile service for convenience Lynall
  7. jadefox

    Medway Autos Closed for Mercedes! :(

    Just popped into Medway Autos and found out that as of last Tuesday they are no longer dealing with Mercedes :( I am gutted coz for the little things like when I needed a touch up for the paint and a new wiper blade they were really very handy - and excellent customer service too. Anyway -...
  8. B

    Brabus Kent - (Medway Autos)

    Just wanted to post how helpful Medway Autos in Kent have been. My engine Management light came on whilst in Kent and I wanted it checked out before I returned back home, so I searched the net for the nearest Kent dealer and rang them up. They told me to drive straight there and they would...
  9. I

    MB Indipendent in Medway Kent

    Dose anyone use an good reliable MB mechanic in my area?
  10. R

    Servicing Mb Dealer Or Brabus Medway??

    Gents I need some advice. Its service time and well I don t know whether to take it to Brabus in Medway or my old friends at MB London. Is Brabus a approved Mercedes stamp for my most valued service history book? When the time comes to sell is this going to have been a big mistake? Cheers...
  11. Paul

    Medway Mercedes.

    For those that are unfortunate to have to use them I have some good news. They are officially closing down at the end of June :bannana: . The new dealership will be on the Gillingham Business park. This will be part of the new Maidstone group which is part of the Whitehouse group. So...
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