1. R

    Anyone from or any meets in Bucks/Herts/Oxford way?!

    Hey, anyone from or know of any meets in Bucks/Herts or Oxford area?
  2. merc85

    Brutus meets S63 F8 C#0 coupe

    Driving back from Gt Ormond St, A120 Stansted wow your S63 looked awesome an complimented my E55k well indeed especially after the m3 eventually moved out of the way. A nice cruise sir;) Sir!
  3. AngryDog

    Any Bucks / Herts / Beds / Berks meets?

    Any meets happening in these areas? Would be good to meet up at some point if so?
  4. CLSMark

    Brian Johnson meets..

    Brian Johnson of AC/DC fame has a show on Sky Arts He's met Roger Daltrey Sting Robert Plant Joe Elliot Lars Ulrich ( "plays" drums apparently ) Fascinating insight into life on the road, it's not all lovey and sycophantic, really well done Check it out on catch up. Thumbs up from me...
  5. 0

    23 rd April Meets , GTG

    Anything going on tomorrow ? Weather looks good and fancy a day out in the car :)
  6. richardgr88

    Pheasant meets A209 CLK 2008 at 60MPH, bodyshop or bonnet

    Well I don't know what the swearing policy is on this rather useful and friendly forum but I'm sure you'll get the picture :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :wallbash: :wallbash: So I was going about my business driving home from work when a pheasant decided it wanted to make friends with a...
  7. P

    SL meets/Autojumble; any coming up soon?

    Hi folks, just wondering if there is any such thing as an autojumble type thing happening any time soon? My '79 350SL restoration project means I need more parts than an out of work actor and sourcing some of them is proving to be a bit difficult to say the least. :( Any advice much...
  8. P

    Any Lancashire meets coming up?

    Hi all, not sure if there is anything going in the Lancashire area? Would be good to chat other MB owners, swap advice etc? If anyone is sorting anything I would be interested. :thumb:
  9. A

    Kent meets??

    I see there have been a few blue water meets, do they happen very often?? Or any other locations etc
  10. F

    Any meets in the new year?

    Will be picking up my new A45 in the next few weeks, just wondering if there are any regular meets going on (I'm based in Hertfordshire, but don't mind travelling). Happy new year!
  11. merc85

    e320 s211 pre facelift meets s211 e280 Sport

    Herishi has done a cracking job cleaning his new purchase so we thought we would get the pair of them together for a few pic's. They looked awesome together, soory about the poor pic quality. more pics to follow
  12. developer

    S212 E63 S Meets MSL Dyno

    Today I visited MSL to run the car on their Dynojet Research dyno, taking Mr Palfrem along for the ride. Acid was as attentive as he always is and did the runs himself. A couple of items worthy of note: My previous E63 was completely standard and ran 513hp compared with MB's declared 518hp...
  13. developer

    E63 Wagon Meets MSL Dyno

    I decided it was time I took the plunge, having been a bystander at a number of Acid's great MSL dyno days. I don't do mods (other than MBCLUB.CO.UK external URL stickers :cool:), but have always wondered what power/torque the car would produce. It's a totally stock tune M156 engine and that's...
  14. Nick SL350


    Hi all Looking for a meet in Norfolk sometime Anyone interested.? Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  15. nutrunner

    merseyside meets

    hi all, any merseyside -wirral or north-wales meets out there
  16. flying haggis

    Wing suited diver meets his maker
  17. Rex-Mac

    Mrs Pot meets Mr Kettle

    Leaving the M6 yesterday evening a lady in a Hyundai i10 pulled straight out in front of me on the roundabout. There was nothing on my nearside so I just lifted off the throttle and straightened the steering and then pulled back in line behind her with plenty of room to spare. No harm done, no...
  18. L

    Sl55 leaking roof where it meets above your head

    Heya, wanted to rack your brains my 2006 sl55 has a very,very slow water leak, I mean 1 drip every few hours only in heavy rain, it drips from where the folding roof meets the top right of the windscreen seal at the far right, it's the rubber seal join, all seals are in perfect condition and I...
  19. C

    NE meets today ?

    Is there any NE meets today ?
  20. merc85

    Any Essex meets?? e55 210 Passenger ride?

    As above just wondered if there were any Mercedes Essex meets nr Colchester? Also anyone have a E55 210 they could take me a passenger ride in so i can see what they are like?? fuel paid for obviously.:rolleyes:
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