1. hungryrabbit

    W124 Melting fuse socket!

    Hi all, first of all thanks for letting me join,a lot of useful info here. Now the problem I have in my 1992 230e is after running the fan on no4 setting and heating right up for about 15 min. it suddenly stopped working. I looked inside the fuse box to find the fuse still in one piece but the...
  2. BTB 500

    80 kph speed limit in Germany due to melting roads

    We drove back from the South of Germany yesterday ... today the temperature has hit 40C, and they have a blanket 80 kph (50 mph) speed restriction in force due to the effect on the road surfaces. A narrow escape!
  3. f17rak

    Yay the snow is melting

    Yay the snow is melting so i can finally take her out for a drive.
  4. Satch

    Gritters stand by to protect melting roads

    (Filed: 18/07/2006) Road gritters most commonly used to combat icy weather were preparing in some areas to spread crushed rock dust and create "non-stick" road surfaces. Newly-laid tarmac is particularly prone to melting in the heat and gritters can help protect both roads and vehicles, said...
  5. Andy W

    Ice melting

    Does anyone know a formula or the rate of melting ice for the following. One block of ice 0.5 metre melting at an ambient temperature of approx 23 oC. I estimate approx 72 hours, what do you think. This is not a crank question it is something that I could do with knowing.
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