1. Y

    Hi, New member and new to Merc ownership

    Hi. I'm new to the forum having recently bought a W639 2011 Vito for transporting bikes to and from rides/races etc. As per usual with me, the intention was initially to just have it as a workhorse and although look after and regularly service it, not get carried away with working on...
  2. D

    New member in East Hertfordshire

    Good afternoon all, I have just managed to acquire a 1997 R170 SLK230 Kompressor in Briillant Silver. I've had a few cars in my lifetime, (and Bikes) and have bought this car following a couple of accidents in my last two vehicles in the last seven months. One was an mid-life-crisis MGF 1.8VVC...
  3. R

    New Member

    Hi all just joined up after getting myself a CLK230K Convertible. Needs a bit of tidying up but it a 1999 so to be expected. Had a c180 some years ago and was a good little motor but must say I do like this one. No doubt I will be asking questions and maybe pass some along as well.
  4. T

    New member

    Hi Just signed up on the forum so Hi from me I just purchased my 2nd Mercedes a 2013 W204 C250CDI Coupe Must say its a nice vehicle. First Mercedes was a 1986 190E 2.3-16 :thumb:. Terry
  5. R

    New Member

    Hi all, the wife and I have just become proud owners of a 1982 R107 280SL, now just waiting for the rain to stop so we can get out and enjoy her :) Looking forward to chatting on this forum as it will be a great source of info and I'm on a bit of a steep learning curve. Cheers Rob
  6. L

    New Member in Essex

    Hi everyone I'm 68 and just purchased my first Mercedes. With off-springs and grandkids, the seven seats of an R Class seemed ideal. Fell in love with a W251 R320 Long wheel base with AMG styling in Iridium silver. So far I'm very happy with the car and love the style, comfort and massive space...
  7. L

    New member looking for R320L bits

    Hi, I have recently purchased a W251 R320L and would like to find availability of some interior and exterior trim parts. e.g. o/s front fog light chrome trim ring.....rear bumper chrome protector....2nd row seats centre console cup holder....etc Any help would be appreciated
  8. M

    New member with a W114 coupe project

    Hi there, I've been lurking for while and thought I'd better intoduce myself. I currently have a W114 coupe which is undergoing restoration in Poland. I'll create a new project thread and post some photos soon. All the best, Surj.
  9. Erkybaby

    New old member

    Hi all, after many years of not being a Mercedes owner I'm back. I sold my SLK in 2010 and have had several other branded cars since. Had to come back to the fold so ordered a new E300 Coupe last week.
  10. iveco

    New member

    Hi to all...Me and my SLK 200 R171 2006 are new to the site and hope you can help me learn more about this car and chat to people who have similar interest .
  11. E

    New member

    Hi all, I'm in Biggar and just bought a very tidy 1997 W202 C180. Will be looking to keep it ship shape using the info here!
  12. h17n dj

    Member: Nick Mercedes

    Good Afternoon, Nick, could you please inbox me. Thank you.
  13. K

    New Old member

    Hi all again Bought w212 2015 after sold w211 about 6 years ago Question to moderator, Why all my hundreds posts was removed from my account???? Thank you
  14. H

    New Member

    Hi Just joined the forum, hoping you guys can impart some of your wisdom on me and then maybe one day I can help someone in return!
  15. danw666

    New member ;)

    Hi all... Thought I just say hi to everyone. just got my first Mercedes CLK 230 compressor today and loving it already. its the w208 series, lowered on coilovers. going to be to a few bits to it soon so I will keep you up to date :thumb:
  16. Storminnorm

    Another New Member From Cork

    Hi All, Just picked up an SLK280 which is my first Mercedes, needs a bit of work but I'm looking forward to getting it on the road. Will obviously have more questions than answers at this stage, but maybe down the line I will be able to offer some answers too. Anyway, thanks for letting me join.
  17. S

    New member with ML 270CDI

    Hi All, new to Mercedes and new to the forum. Just bought an old (54 plate) ML 270 CDI and will probably have loads of questions. Originally from Germany, but got Asylum in Scotland 11 years ago. Was treated well up here in the north so will stay. Cheers Spencer17
  18. F

    New member from Ireland

    Hi guys. Looking here with a while but just recently signed up. Based in county cork in Ireland and recently purchased a 2005 cls55 AMG from the uk as they are very hard got over here. My first Mercedes, previous car was an e60 m5 but that doesn't compare power wise to the AMG. Dyno print out of...
  19. S

    Old member but my profle says new

    Hello there moderators or managers I am sure I joined this forum many years ago at least 5 or 6 years ago, yet my profile now says I joined in 2016. Did you have a clear-out of members/memberships? May be I appeared here today after a long time. So what happened to my threads, etc. ? There is...
  20. H

    new member from West Midlands

    Henry from worcester. don't know much about mercedes so any advice is good! currently own a e92 monte carlo m3 but looking in the market for a c63 amg. went to look at a one from Evans halshaw today. anybody know any information on it Used Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon Petrol in Ibis White...
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