1. Davycc

    Members Map

    Nearly at the 50 members mark, anyone else fancy joining, costs nowt, takes 2 mins and you never know just how close you may be to another member :thumb:
  2. A

    Any members with motorbikes ?

    Evening all, apologies in advance if this has been done before on the forum but i just wondered if any fellow members own a motorbike and what they have, reason i ask is i'm contemplating buying another bike and was keen to hear owners views on theirs before/if i take the plunge, my previous...
  3. Cymruambyth

    Members ages?

    Just wondering what the average age of members is as most people associate most Mercedes models to the more "mature" owner :D
  4. Davycc

    Members Map Pin

    Guys and girls, I've thought about bringing something to the forum that I introduced to another forum I'm a member on, LUFCTALK ok ok I know a sad Leeds supporter. Basically its a map to show the location of forum members. Adding your location to the map is easy just: 1. click on "add...
  5. Vintage Racer

    Goodwood Members Meeting - Live Stream....NOW! Full day's live coverage from Goodwood Members Meeting 2017 :bannana:
  6. ringway

    A Story Written by MBClub Members.

    Rules. Try to follow the previous post in the style of a novel without using more than 20 words. The story can switch genre along the way. Perhaps we can write a bestseller! Once upon a time, there was a car salesman called Eric...
  7. gr1nch

    Lots of new members, a good thing

    Just had a look at the new members section and there seem to be a lot recently, which is great. I did a quick post count and that's around 20 in the past week. Maybe it's with new reg 1st March fast approaching affecting new and second hand sales? Or are Mercedes cars just becoming increasingly...
  8. A

    New members with 2013 C63 AMG

    Hi, Had a green Focus RS and now have my first Mercedes. Doing it proper and having an AMG. 2013 C63 AMG Adam
  9. D

    Calling all Dealer Forum Members

    Not wishing to upset the applecart but clearly there are a number of MB dealers who use this forum. Therefore would appreciate if they would comment on the increasing volume of posts relating to the juddering/clonking issue that appears to be affecting the GLC/C on slow speed+ full lock. EG is...
  10. J

    Members with Star Diagnostics?

    Hi there, Just wondering if any members, particularly in the Essex area, have the Star diagnostic equipment? Reason I ask is because I would like to enable Xenon headlamp option before I fit a HID kit. Many thanks, James
  11. wongl

    Are there any forum members here based in Hong Kong??

    Having relocated to Hong Kong for over a year, I am now considering buying a second hand Mercedes in HK to "learn the roads". I was wondering if there are any forum members based in HK who would be able to give a newbie some advice about buying a second hand car here?
  12. Alfie

    Free keyring for all forum members who order from us

    We are offering a free Mercedes Benz keyring worth £10 to all forum members who order from us. Simply specify your forum name in the customer comments section. You can also still use the forum discount coupon aswell. :D Keyring can be seen here...
  13. I

    Hi there

    Just bought a 2012 C220 AMG Estate. One UK owner, 21,000 miles - here in Spain, where I currently live. Bought it, as we are moving back to the UK, at some future point.Still getting used to it, after an Smax!! Many features to understand. I will be looking to buy a Becker Map Pilot for it...
  14. Stratman

    Muirfield votes 'no' to women members

    It'll be removed from The Open rota too, althoughI don't think they'll be too bothered. I knew someone very high up at Sandwich who told me a lot of the members aren't too keen on hosting The Open as it buggers up their golf for around two months. Should a private members club be forced...
  15. D

    W212 - members experiences on A service costs?

    Hi All Was just wondering what you guys have been quoted by main dealers in the past to service your W212 for a A service, doesnt need ATF etc, car is under Tier 1 warranty and as its just a A do want to go to the dealer. Just wanted to get a idea of prices that have been quoted to members...
  16. Tim203

    Any members flying?

    F your visiting Aero messe in Friedrichshafen come and see us in Hall b2- 102 and I will make you a cuppa and offer you a seat.
  17. Bryan Allman

    Goodwood Members Meet - March 19-20th

    A few of us were chatting this morning regarding running a convoy down to the Goodwood MM74 meeting in March - either the Saturday or Sunday. We are probably looking at the Sunday (more racing that day). Tickets are selling fast so if you are interested you will need to book your tickets...
  18. K

    CLA250 Any members own one - what is your experience

    I changed my CLK320CDI last year for an E350Bluetec. I like the E, it is a nice car but as the majority of the time I am the only one in the car I don't really need such a big car. I am comfortable with the car when it is motoring but when parking it and putting it in the garage you are aware of...
  19. Brian 1

    How many Mechanical members

    Just wondering how many mechanics are on here? I know nothing about engines what so ever.......except Diesel goes in one end and I drive the other
  20. M

    hello members

    i have been a proud of a 2.7 cdi for 7 years now in blackburn i joined the club for information and that was the best thing i did regaurding my auto gearbox problem now sorted with the help of a member who i like to thank he saved me money and lotts of headake
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