1. WDB124066

    Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead

    Must be April 1. Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead |

    The National Trust membership?

    Hello fellow National Trust members! I'm thinking about joining the National Trust membership. What does it give me? I've had a look on their web site and it's not to clear to me, is it free entry to every National trust place or just reduced admission, how much reduction?
  3. N

    AMG Lounge membership

    Picked my entry ticket up on saturday.
  4. rockinfreakshow


    Being a relative newbie to this forum i was wondering if there was a FULL membership fee? Im a member of a few other forums and they operate a paid/non paid members system. Iv found this forum to be very friendly and informative and would be happy to pay a full membership fee. Could someone...
  5. Gucci

    Treacherous Forum Membership (XF)

    Ok, so firstly I bought a Volvo V50 D5 recently - now I've gone and joined a Jaguar XF Forum as I've started stalking this car range. But I do keep coming back to this one like a nice comfy pair of slippers. For your annoyance - here's a lovely XF. :ban:
  6. The Boss

    BlueCycle Membership anyone?

    Who has a Bluecycle membership on here? call me if you do please - 07947 222 802 Dillan
  7. S

    Costco membership

    Hi All, Anyone out there who has costco membership can give me some guide prices for tyres and oil, the saving over high street would also be helpful. also what variety of oils do they stock. I am considering membership but this would be my main reason for using costco as I have three...
  8. lynall

    IAM membership worth it?

    Posted on here a few months back regarding advanced driving courses, got some good ideas but couldnt find anyone local or accredited ie a piece of paper or certificate that actually means something. Then yesterday at the kent show saw the iam stand had a chat and they sound quite good and was...
  9. R

    Our membership is typically.....

    I found this on the quantcast website which analyses the traffic through our website. Are you white, 35-49, college educated ie our average member???
  10. BTB 500

    Comments on Costco membership?

    I have recently become eligible for Costco membership (as an "employee benefit" at work). I know there's a store reasonably nearby (Reading) ... so what sort of discounts do they give? Any general comments for/against membership welcome.
  11. Piff

    Return to "full" membership

    Done the deal today on a replacement vehicle: ML270CDi 03/03 41,500miles Lux pack, Comand, Parktronic & privacy glass. Not my first choice of colour - Travatine Beige with Java leather, but reasonable condition, a reasonable price (£11000) & 1 year MB warranty. With 2003 Comand, is it worth...
  12. Donza

    Esporta Gym Membership..

    I am warning everyone on here about this chain of gyms. They treat their customers terribly and not only that they have barely any free-weights and its full of posers. They also renew your membership without informing you first. I tried to cancel my membership today at this crappy place. And i...
  13. st13phil

    It seems membership of the Middle Lane Owners Club is increasing... least if my journey back from the Lakes on the M6 yesterday is anything to go by. Went up to the Lakes on the bike over the weekend (stayed at the Patterdale Hotel on the southern end of Ullswater fwiw) and had a great time. Only one wet day out of the three we were there, so can't even...
  14. Spinal

    Professional Membership

    Odd one tonight (I need to find something better to do on saturday night than my coursework... and procrastinating here beats it!). I got a letter today inviting me to join the IEEE; UK section as an Imperial alumnus... Now, I'm already a member of the BCS, and am wondering if joining the...
  15. Tan

    Gym Membership

    I am about to renew my gym membership, as my current contract with LA Fitness has ended... at last. I joined Virgin Active a few months ago on a month by month membership, but am now looking at changing this to a contract as it works out a lot cheaper. I have also been looking at the deal that...
  16. BlackC55

    Sudden addition to membership.

    I think the incidents with "other" place has caused so many of you to move over. I was a member of this forum first and find it very friendly and have enjoyed helping with peoples problems. The other forum is good but not great like this one.:bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana...
  17. R

    Membership Number Admin Help

    I have just renewed my insurance with adrian flux, at a good rate They want a membership no of this club.All i can find is my profile which i will print and send.Have i got a membership number?? Admin can you find it for me and advise please???
  18. Ian B Walker


    Ok you pro's here are going to laugh at me for such a stupid question. How do you progress from Junior Member to Member? See............told you it was a stupid question.
  19. Brian WH


    As you will see from Koolvins announcement- we have lost all members that registered since 1st April 2003. Please REREGISTER if that was you. Help us get back up to 500 members again.:bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: Thanks All.:cool: :cool: :cool:
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