1. Palfrem

    Chrome using a lot of memory

    Any ideas please chaps? All I have open is the Google home page and Chrome has this lot going on... Just a feature of Chrome or a virus of some sort?
  2. A

    W201 Memory Seat Module

    W201 Memory seat Module: part number 201 820 06 26. £50 ono posted
  3. G

    Memory module: 256MB 144-pin DDR2

    I need a 256MB 144-pin DDR2 PC2-3200 SODIMM These were used in HP Colour Laser Jets, HP part number CB423A There are a few on eBay, for some ridiculous money, considering it's an ancient, tiny amount, unsophisticated memory module. There are some from across the pond, for under $10...
  4. A

    W124 Coupe Memory Seat Base or motors

    Looking for the memory motors ( 3 off) to fit a W124 coupe seat base. Will consider whole seat ( colour/condition not important as long as the motors function correctly). Thanks, Andy
  5. M

    W124 Mushroom heated, memory, multi contour driver seat

    Some parts I intended fitting to my car but haven't got around to and need some space back. 1x Drivers seat for w124 saloon or estate. Mushroom leather, heated, memory and multi contour 1x Brand new switch for the multi contour functions (MB part in box) 1x Wiring harness for the memory...
  6. toffee-pie

    Memory function.. mirrors

    Guys I am finding that my rear view mirror has a mind of its own, I move it into position, hit M and then 1. Whenever I go back to my car, or stop the car I see it moving to another position. When I press 1 it moves to another position, and pressing 1 again moves it somewhere else. So...
  7. Brian 1

    Have a trip down memory lane - 1960's Britain on Film - Episode 2 Play - Look at Life FULL EPISODE
  8. Piff

    Memory upgrade

    Built pc 5 or 6 yrs ago and can't find the original invoice for the components so I can't be sure of the exact spec of the RAM. I have 2 pairs of 2 slots on the mother board and the mother board can handle up to 8gb total. I've run a system scan on and it advises I have 2 x 2gb DDR...
  9. uumode

    W205 exit and entry memory seat position?

    Does the W205 electric seats have an exit position, where the seat goes back when the door is opened, to facilitate exit from the vehicle. Then the reverse when getting into the car, when door is closed it resumes the memorised driving position? Seem to remember some W205 owners saying...
  10. M

    w124 memory drivers seat with loom and switch

    This will fit saloons and estates, but not coupes/cabs. It's a full drivers seat, with the memory module, wiring loom, and door switch. All in working order. I can include heated mushroom leather upholstery for it as well if required, though this does have some wear/small hole on the bolster...
  11. S

    W211 E320 CDI, Bi-Xenons, Leather Heated Memory seats, Through Loading.

    Wanted: Facelift (56 plate onwards) E320CDI. Ideally Black or grey saloon with: Bi-Xenons, Real Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Memory Package at least for the driver, Through Loading, and Parktronics at least for the rear. London - Cambridge corridor.
  12. M

    w221 Retrofit memory seats

    Just retrofitted memory seats on my w221 . very easy option. Just swapped the doorcards, pretty much straight forward swap.
  13. M

    1997 140 CL electric interior has lost its memory

    Afternoon everyone. I hoping the learned folk of MBClub could help me solve a mystery. A few months ago my parents' CL420 appeared to lose its driver seat memory for the mirrors and steering wheel. The seat is as it should be, but both doors just move down to their maximum and the...
  14. Dee James

    seat memory W163

    someone recently told me it`s possible to code the set settings on my 2003 ML270 to a key, is this true? i had a quick look in the manual but could n`t see anything . . .
  15. Mr Kripling

    Linking Key to Seat Memory

    Is there any way of linking the seat and other memory settings to a key on a C215? On my Phaeton when you opened the driver's door all the movable bits went to the memory settings that you'd linked to the key that was used to unlock the car. Harry
  16. F

    memory card

    Hi, i have got a 32gb memory card which i put on just over 2000 mp3 tunes It will play most ok, but but when i scroll through folder in alphabetical order it will show artists from A ( ie aerosmith) right through to T( ie the beatles, )but will not show artists after T. I read on the internet...
  17. pnevesfoto

    Changing battery: should I use an OBD II memory saver cord?

    I read this in another forum: The big red plastic cap marked [+] flips up and accepts a second jump start battery - the ground is obviously any good contact point on the chassis. This removes the magic trick of trying to keep the new cables on the old terminals whilst throwing around a huge...
  18. F

    memory card

    Hi, my comand centre has just stopped reading the memory card. it starts reading then freezes. Any one got a idea what could be wrong. It did work fine for a few days now nothing. Thanks.
  19. Mrhanky

    W211 drivers electric memory seat switch unit

    W211 drivers electric memory seat switch unit in very good used condition. Bought as a replacement but no longer needed. £60 inc postage
  20. W

    Media Interface Plus in use at same time with USB memory stick

    Hi, I have recently purchased MIP and found when i plug in the MIP USB interface, the MIP plus related menus are no longer shown while a USB is inseted into the USB adapter. It seems that either Media Interface Plus or USB cable with USB memory can be used but not at same time. Both...
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