1. ringway

    The homeless men building their own homes from shipping contaoners.

    Paul was homeless for 17 years. The number of people sleeping rough has risen for six years in a row in England. And until six months ago, Paul was among them. Then he met Jasper Thompson, the founder of Help Bristol's Homeless. Since then, together with several other homeless men, they've...
  2. Pathewolf

    Men's Nike Air Max 90 Size 8.5 Brand New In Box

    As pictured Brand New Nike Air Max 90 In Wolf Grey Solar Red White And Black These Retail For £89 Will Take £50 And Will Send 2nd Class Recorded Delivery, Can Also Deliver Close To London E8 if Preferred! Any Questions Just PM Me Cheers
  3. T

    Slip Lane Con Men

    Morning All, Anyone come across these? I am seeing them more, & more often. What can we do about them? They do rip off a hell of a lot of people! Regards
  4. ioweddie

  5. mrmullad

    Three men and a car

    Hi all I have just picked up my new merc 59 plate c 180 blueefincy and when I drove off this morning it came up with a pic of three seated men and a car on the display so I stopped checked around but when I drove off again all okay. Anyone know what it means as I can't find any thing in...
  6. D

    International Men's Day

    You can thank the iPhone's new news feature for this post - reminding me that today was International Men's Day and pointing me towards the following article: 10 reasons we should be talking about male suicide on International Men's Day I've no idea why the DT chose that particular story...
  7. markjay

    Men's Leather Belt

    Soooo... what say thee? :D I am after a new belt for my limited collection... soft leather... well made.... conservative design and compatible with a business suit. Any recommendations? Had various fashion brands before, most seemed over priced and not always the greatest quality. I would...
  8. N

    Good boiler repair men in and around London?

    Hey guys need some boiler work doing and was just wondering if any forum members know of any good fixed price boiler repair men in and around london. Thanks Niket
  9. J

    Men are happier people!

    MEN ARE JUST HAPPIER PEOPLE Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park.. Car...
  10. spinaltap

    Is nowhere sacred for Men anymore?

    The one place where using your 'man card' could be considered sacrosanct is the common-or-garden barbers. You know, the unassuming kind of one-man operated back-street barber, with traditional swirly barber's pole outside the premises, and spittoons in the corner (well, maybe not the last...
  11. Howard

    At last !!! 50 shades of grey for men !

  12. Alfie

    Men awards finalists !

    Under our trading name of Unique Car sound we have been shortlisted as finalists for the forthcoming Mobile Electronics News awards. Our Auto electrician Rob has also reached the finals for 'best installer'. We are delighted by this. If anyone would like to vote for us in the these awards...
  13. diggerfil

    Hello Merc' Men ...

    New to this Forum and in many ways 'almost' back to Mercedes after many years away (had 4 merc's in the past, the best being the W124 E300D) Well, what can i say?....i'm a 47 yr old certified Petrolhead:rock:...i go through cars at a rapid rate, Had many nice motors over the years, to many...
  14. BaldGuy

    Veet for Men - Very funny reviews!!

    Read the reviews on this product, you'll have to scroll down the bottom of the page..... Hilarious......
  15. nick mercedes

    bradford rag and bone men

    Went to Bradford today, in a very short space of time saw 3 lots of pikeys with horses and carts collecting scrap, and noticed loads of ponies on verges etc. What's that all about then? Not enough stolen new Transit tippers to go around?
  16. 1

    Clogs, mules, slip-ons for men

    I'm looking for a new pair of something in this line ... I wear them everyday, summer and winter ... I've bought the expensive ones and the cheaper ones, all had fault ... last pair were Crocs at 25quid and they wore well, were comfy, but lately have become a death trap in the wet, I tend to...
  17. michaelk3289

    Big Thank you to the men and women who defended Eltham

    I live in Eltham so this story really makes me proud to live there and be part of south east London, Strage really as i am from Manchester and only moved to Eltham around 2 years ago (my wife grew up in Eltham from birth) the first thing that always struck me about Eltham was the pride the...
  18. trando

    Men's tennis final in 3D on BBC HD

    I know that there is a minority of people that have gone down the 3D route but I have to say it is absolutely brilliant... Bravo to BBC for broadcasting the men's final in 3D. Watching tennis any other way will seem very flat from now on!! Really really enjoying it....
  19. AANDYY

    The first men in the moon - BBC4

    Just watched this VV good :thumb:. Repeated a few more times. Probably!
  20. Satch

    Why do men die first?

    Why do men die first? This is a question that has gone unanswered for centuries but now we know. However, need to dwell upon these factors before getting to the answer If you put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat race, you're a male chauvinist. If you willingly...
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