1. AMGeed

    Acid's old C63 gets a mention

    Just been picked up on the US forum, comparing Acid's previous C63 Weistec sound with a C63 Black Series. C63 AMG Black Series or a 800 hp Weistec Tuned C63? - MBWorld Edit..........this wasn't meant to start another London street noise argument, just an observation made by the Yanks on the car.
  2. Godot

    A brief mention of a Charity you may see passing by

    If you see them, come the warmer weather, slow down for horses etc any loose change etc. Thanks. Horses Help Heroes Raising £1,000,000 For Wounded Servicemen and Women
  3. bennesspipers

    Dont mention the war !

    Enjoy !!
  4. glojo

    Don't mention the cricket

    Is it wrong to congratulate Zimbabwe over there excellent defeat of Australia? :devil: :devil: :D :D :D :D :D :D What a brilliant game. When the rain came and play was stopped it looked like Australia were going to sneek an undeserved victory, but play resumed and boy was it a close run...
  5. MangoMan

    Just thought I would mention....

    ......although I suppose everybody knows anyway but, don't miss 'Top Gear' on Sunday..... yeay.. :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  6. R

    A mention in the Telegraph!

    A mention for mbclub in te Telegraph!
  7. pammy

    Darwin Awards - honourable mention

    Dear all - you'll have heard of the Darwin Awards - here's an honourable mention one - Eastern Europe is well known for its harsh winters. Croatian Zlatko Grdn, 52, has presumably seen his fair share of them. But in temperatures which recently dropped low enough to play havoc with outdoor...
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