1. N

    CD not showing on audio menu COMAND

    On a 2005 CLK200 with COMAND, when the AUDIO menu is selected RADIO appears on LHS at top, CD appears underneath but is greyed out. The car has an in dash CD player. Please could someone advise how to get the CD active.
  2. N

    Hidden / Engineering Menu 2009 W204 C320 sport CDI

    Not another hidden commands thread?? I've looked through mages and pages of threads, but none of the commands to get into the engineering menus on my car work... I've tried: 1. Engineering mode with keys hangup + 6 + * 2. Dealer menu with keys hangup + 7 + 9 Any ideas?? Do they...
  3. S

    HK sound settings in engineering menu

    I had a look in the engineering menu today and could not find any settings for adjusting the HK sound system Is this located elsewhere? I'm hoping there is an adjustment to the subwoofer, as it's definitely lacking output. I have tried via the normal command settings to up the bass, but...
  4. columb

    W212 MY2015 NTG4.7 engineering menu?

    Hi, How do I enable Comand Engineering Menu on W212 MY2015? I've tried HANG-UP+1+# (in differnet combinations like engine on, engine off, menu visible, menu not visible, car in N, car in D, car in P etc etc) but nothing! I could get to Dealer Menu so I'm doing something right here - just can't...
  5. Piff

    Windows 10 Start Menu

    Windows 10 start menu is mis-behaving Works normally for a few hours then left clicking on the windows icon bottom left of the screen has no effect. Right clicking still works. Any ideas for a solution please.
  6. S

    W211 facelift: AC hidden menu. How?

    Hello, Can someone tell me how to access the hidden menu for the Air Con on my 2008 E220CDi? Most of the online guides suggest holding down REST, or OFF+REST, or just AUTO but none of these combinations work on my car, either with the ignition on, or engine running. Is there a definitive...
  7. C

    Engineering Mode / Hidden Menu

    I have a 2015 E250 cdi and wanted to ask if anyone knew how to access the hidden menu / engineering mode in order to access the 'behind the scene settings' the car has to offer? Ive watched a few vids on you tube but seems to be for older cars.
  8. TKvS

    Hidden menu tips on W219 CLS 350

    I did a search on the forum but came up with nothing. Anyone know if there are any hidden menu features (easter eggs)....on W219 , I saw some on YT for other models..but nothing for the CLS. thanks Theo.
  9. C

    Booster Heater menu on MFD

    Hi I have a w209 2004 CLK 270 CDI Avantgarde and have a 'Booster Heater' option in my settings menu. Its controllable by three settings; Automatic, off and A/C off. I was wondering what specifically this does as I can't find it in my manual. There is however an 'Automatic Heater' section in...
  10. kam09

    Menu colour theme

    Hi might be a long shot! Can the colour scheme on the menu be changed from its current horrible brown/yellowy to the newish red/black/white?? Would it be via engineers menu?? Vehicle is a w207 61 plate with audio 50 aps Thanks in advance!
  11. Stratman

    Oil type in instrument cluster menu

    I remember seeing someone enter the type of oil used in the instrument cluster but I can't find how to access it. I don't want to go all random with the menus and buttons so I'm relying on the forum collective wisdom. How do I tell the microbrain the type of oil I'm using? W203 C200 cdi '04...
  12. Ruonis13

    Secret esp menu

    Hi Guys, This is my first post I'm new here.:rock: So I bought Mercedes E class 240(2.6 v6) - (2002) WD11 Si I'm trying to access that "secret" menu,with reset button. Key position no 1,then press "reset" button 3 times...and aparently youre there...mine dosent work at all...tried...
  13. jimmymidnight

    W221 - COMAND menu problems

    I recently bought a W221 S350L with a huge list of optional extras including dynamic front seats, linguatronic and a load more. Before I collected the car it had a new amplifier fitted in the boot after the previous one died killing all sound in the car. Now it's all working, but most of the...
  14. s4mb0

    Help with secret menu

    I am trying to get the secret menu up in engineering mode, my sequence to get into engineering mode is different to all the ones i can find its go into language then Mute+endcall+diagonal arrow up+audio But then i cant get the secret menu up any1 no the sequence ? Mercedes E320 v6 sport
  15. alzieboy

    Engineering Menu

    Does anybody know if within the Enginnering menu there are any settings for the Nav SD card to enable the importing Data when sd card is slotted in the Ntg4.5 . for Nav PersonalPOI . This worked the first time i installed the sd card and the POI all worked well, I removed the sd card to install...
  16. johncook109

    Secret menu for engineering mode on NTG3.0

    Is there any secret menu for the engineering in the NTG 3.0 comand. I have seen many instructions posted and u-tubed for all the others but never for this particular version. :dk:
  17. K

    NTG2 Engineer Menu Problem

    Hiya, I have been tryint to access the engineers mode on my NTG2 fitted in my 2005 facelift ML320. I have followed the instructions but it does not enter the menu. 'On NTG2 modes you can see the Navigation internal menu by pressing NAV, letting go and then holding NAV and the 5 key for...
  18. J0hn

    Comand NTG2.5 engineer menu

    Has anyone done a guide to what all the different numbers refer to when in engineering mode? Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    W221/W216 S & CL Engineering Menu

    Hi All, I have extensively searched google and forums and stuff, and I cannot find the key combination to get into my 2007 CL 63's engineering mode? I've seen codes for E-class, etc. but I want one to get into that menu for my particular car (which i assume would be the same as the S class)...
  20. holodram

    comand NTG2 w203 AUX and engineering menu

    hello forum I've upgraded my audio 20 to a comand NTG2 and im wondering if i can wire it up so i can plug my iPhone and listen to music through the AUX but not sure how ive read on some forums that its possible ... however , is the car prewired so all i have to do is knock that hole in...
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