1. C

    ipod menus

    How can I restore the full search options for my ipod on my 2104 W205 with Audio 20. If you look at the before and after photos you'll see some options greyed out. The ipod has 25,000 songs on it so the search function is essential. It might go a month with the full menu then all of a sudden...
  2. andy27168

    Missing Menus from cluster CLS55 AMG

    Hi, Recently purchasing a CLS 55 with a few niggly issues I have set about trying to fix them. a, Passenger side Dynamic seat not working. The light flickers in switch but won,t stay on, (light in switch has stayed on occasionally and initially diagnosed as dodgy switch or connection to it)...
  3. Z

    Secret menus from a w203 2006 c180 cluster

    HI, soon i wil be taking my car for service and i wuld like to have some of the functions activated from the secret menus i believe. i heard i culd have the following 1 -auto reverse mirror 2 -monitor tyre pressure pliz list the other functions i can have thank you
  4. P

    COMAND APS - Menus

    Hi, have got the comand working but cannot see anywhere where it tells me how many satelites that it sees (?) Had a dodgy moment today where it carried on moving the car forward on the map whilst I was stationary. A bit like the (now ditched) Tom Tom when you go in a tunnel or something. I...
  5. geek

    Comand APS hidden menus

    Hi, Does anyone know of any hidden menus on COMAND APS? Thanks
  6. L

    Special Menus

    Hi all... I was just wondering... are there any special menus that can be accessed from the dashboard that aren't listed in the manual. I mean like menus that the MB engineers would use. Just curios is all..
  7. Ady

    Special menus

    I have read in places about special “hidden” menus on the comand 2 systems and some climate control systems that are accessed by pressing certain key combinations. Does anyone know if there are any such goodies to play with on the comand 3 or the W211 4-zone climate control?
  8. Z

    COMAND dest. memory list menus not available?

    just got a W210 and new sat nav discs but cant access the destination memeory lists after entering and memorising destinations :mad: Any ideas appreciated thanks Adrian
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