1. Y

    Hi, New member and new to Merc ownership

    Hi. I'm new to the forum having recently bought a W639 2011 Vito for transporting bikes to and from rides/races etc. As per usual with me, the intention was initially to just have it as a workhorse and although look after and regularly service it, not get carried away with working on...
  2. M

    best classic ins merc sec 500

    I am thinking of purchasing a mercedes sec 500 and want to insure it on a classic policy who would be the best insurance to insure with
  3. Chugg

    New first time Merc owner

    Hi folks, Just bought a 2011 E350 CDI Sport Estate. Only had it a couple of days so early days yet, but so far I'm happy with it. A little worried about service and maintenance costs, but hey, we'll see how it goes. I'll be having a good read of the forums, maybe ask some (daft!:rolleyes:)...
  4. D

    First time Merc buyer

    Morning All, Firstly thanks to the mods for allowing me to join the site, much appreciated :D I've been having a good read for the last couple of days (yes some of the 350E threads are really that long) and so thought I'd better sign up as its getting nearer decision time. I'll keep...
  5. M

    New to the Merc world and Coilover Q?

    Hi everyone, So just bought my first MB and went for a 2011 (60plate) c350 cdi w204 with pan roof, memory seats, hk system and loads more. I previously had an Astra VXR mk5 which I spent a lot of time modding both visually and preformance (got it to 278bhp with 336lbs of torque). I loved the...
  6. dddooommm

    Merc W124 Sportline /// E320 1995 3.2 Auto E class

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz E320 SPORTLINE///★★★ ★ No Reserve ★ 99p Start ★ Powerful 3.2 ★ eBay item ending this SUNDAY morning- 20th Aug! Click the eBay link below... (detailed photos on the listing) Mercedes Sportline / E320 W124 AMG E class e190 brabus alloys s c export classic | eBay...
  7. R

    Blast from the past.. My first Merc

    Going through some old photos and found this.. my first ever Mercedes, bought just after my 18th birthday for the princely sum of £300 (Not including the Brabus replicas). Bottom half was originally grey with black bumpers, which I sprayed myself with some trusty rattle-cans from Halfords. What...
  8. dddooommm

    Merc W124 Sportline /// E320 1995 3.2 Auto E class

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz E320 SPORTLINE///★★★ ★ No Reserve ★ 99p Start ★ On ebay on the 10th Aug 17★ 0777857666 ★ £1,450 ★ FOR SALE: My Powerful 1995 Auto Petrol E320 Factory Sportline /// with full Cream leather interior Low miles & low previous owners Finished in Mercedes-Benz...
  9. gaz_l

    Not a Merc, somewhat mental.

    Given that the venerable Triumph Spitfire wasn't renowned for its handling (and only had to cope with about 70 BHP, IIRC), who thought it was a good idea to kit one out with a Hayabusa engine? :eek: Instant death at the first corner, I'd have thought.. 1970 Triumph GT6 with Suzuki Hayabusa...
  10. Mactech

    What I didn't do in my Merc on Saturday

    Had quite a busy and varied day on Saturday. Left before six to rush down to near Silverstone where I had to pull the engine from our Classic Formula Ford car for tech. inspection. We lead the championship so we must have a 'bent' engine:dk: Then on to the circuit where my choice of transport...
  11. Greyman63

    Merc Care - North London

    Have to say that these guys are great! I use them for everything, but they went above and beyond the other day when they were flat out. After hearing that I needed the car to do a long drive in the coming week they managed to fit me in, diagnose the problem and replace a part ... And it was...
  12. D

    Merc specialist in Forfar scotland

    Very knowledgeable on Merc, has up to date star diagnostics Stocks genuine MB spares for Mercedes Had my car surveyed by owner, very professional, long lead time to get repairs as he is very busy. Got my keyless go working yippee! But not all good news however I now know what is...
  13. AnilS

    Merc A200 (2016) lacking bass

    My wife has had an A200 for a couple of months and finds its stereo sound quality (Audio 20) a little lacking in oomph and bass reproduction. She's coming from an Audi TT that had a surround sound Bose system. It's still under warranty, so not sure if we can add/fit/upgrade the speaker system...
  14. N

    Independant Merc specialist in Middleton ,near Rochdale

    If anyone needs servicing ,repairs etc I can recommend Paul at MPH PRESTIGE in Middleton. Thoroughly nice guy ,who has just sorted my Aircon issue for me at a fraction of the cost of Merc main dealer. I need to be able to trust whoever is working on my car and Paul was a genuine guy who knows...
  15. R

    Merc Services Mitcham

    Has anyone used Merc Services in Mitcham South London? I'm in West Sussex, but travel that way.
  16. simonafloat

    Best independent Merc garage?

    Hi all Our 2002 ML270 has a long list of issues that need sorting but is still drivable. I need to get theses works priced up so I can make a decision to sell her or give her a complete makeover. However, we are in North Devon and have no independent garages anywhere near us. So looking for...
  17. B

    new to merc

    G'day I've just bought a 2006 E55 estate, mega high miles, but hopefully it will keep on going for a while yet. It's got the 7 seat option (useful with 4 kids), but usually only used for me as a DD. Have already gleaned lots of info from the forums (thanks!), and hopefully can contribute...
  18. K

    Have I bought the wrong Merc? (2005 CLK350)

    Hello everyone, brand new to the forum and would welcome any advise. Just acquired a 2005 CLK350 for what i thought was good money with 87k miles... That was until I noticed the "balance shaft issues due to defective sprockets/parts that wear out prematurely. Hands up, should have done my...
  19. J

    new, soon to be merc owning member

    Hi all Thought I would join up as I am committing myself to buying a W126 in the next few months. Looking to get help with specialists in SW London, buyers guides etc and some friendly advice which I can already see is in abundance here. Looking forward to learning a bit before taking...
  20. Blucher

    First Merc !

    Hi everyone. Always promised myself i would get a Merc after riding in my uncle's Pagoda back in the 70s. Was briefly tempted with a Jag XK8 but then came to my senses and decided to put pension lump sum to good use and recently acquired an SL320 for me and the OH!! :thumb::thumb:
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