1. S

    mercedez c200 02 plate any good?

    Hi, I am new to the site and would first like to say hello :bannana: I have not owned a mercedez, but I have seen an ad for a mercedez c200 2002 auto. It is fine body wise with no rust, i have not driven it but am assured it drives fine, has leather interior with no issues with electrics I m...
  2. M

    1990 Mercedez Benz 300sl

    I have a 1990 300sl ive changed alot of stuff already but the darn motor keeps flooding some one please help me.
  3. C

    Mercedez Benz 2015 E250 CDI - More Power

    Right, so just recently purchased the above....fantastic car by the way! first time driving s Mercedez and love it! i want to get more power and speed out of my mercedez without spending too much and minimum risk of damages i,e, injectors and stuff, any recommendations or advice? Thanks
  4. C

    Mercedez Benz E250 CDI 2015 - Chip Tuning

    Hi, Apologies for probably sounding like an inexperienced newbie, but i can admit that's exactly what i am :fail I have just purchased myself the new 2015 Mercedez Benz E250 CDI Saloon and am looking to purchase and install a chip but many people telling me different things about how it could...
  5. queenrocks101

    Fitting halo foglamps to Rieger Bumper Mercedez SLK 2002

    Hi to all, I have finally fitted my Rieger Bumper to my Mercedez SLK Kompressor. Now I am faced with a challenge. Has anybody ever fitted Halo foglamps before, and if so, any diagrams and how to connect the wiring. This is the last hurdle. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly...
  6. reflexboy

    Mercedez Benz Song

    Hi fellow Benz'ers! Anyone know a URL where I can download a version of the Mercedez Benz song or a clip for a ringtone by Janis Joplin for free?
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