1. dan-mb

    anyone have anyexperience with Mercman southampton?

    New set of alloys required Mercman - Mercedes-Benz Parts mercman Southampton anyone used or know them? Thanks in advance Dan
  2. D

    Anyone on here know MercMan LTD Southampton?

    As per title; I've seen a set of alloys he's got on fleabay and recognised the name?
  3. simon1966

    Anyone bought wheels from mercman on eBay?

    Hi All As title has anyone bought wheels from 'Mercman' mercedes breakers in southampton who have various listings on eBay. Seem genuine but would like to know if ok. Thanks
  4. drifting

    Mercman? guy from kent?

    Hi Chaps. Trying to get hold of this chap re a litigation I am about to start against a rip off garage. I have tried his mobile, and never seem to get a reply. He, it seems was supposed to have done work on this car, and I need it confirmed on the state he left it in. Not blaming him in the...
  5. Gollom

    Fuel pump for a 190E (Mercman?)

    VIN WDBxxxxxxxxxxx Model 190 E Chassis xxxxxxxxxxxx Engine 102962 10 159976 Transmission 717411 00 913878 Order xxxxxxxxxxxx Approx. year 1988
  6. Howard

    Interesting car (not merc) but being sold by mercman - southampton
  7. Alfie

    One for Mercman - loads of new parts.
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Mercman, u there?

    Hi, I have tried emailing u, and PMing you but to no reply :confused:
  9. V12


    I Have been quizzed on what i do and what is available many times, here's a little information for contact etc. Supplying new and used parts for all models from 1960-2003 At least 50% discount on stealership prices. Believed to be the biggest of our type across Europe. Daily delivery...
  10. Koolvin

    Thankyou Mercman

    Well, I have been after some parts that are rare as hens eggs - Usually I source them of my friend in the NL or second hand on German ebay and sometimes even as desperate measures from the stealership!!! I got a set of illuminated sun visors from Mercman (V12) but one was damaged in transit -...
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