1. C250BLUE

    Auxilary battery warning message

    Hi, I've got an Auxillary Battery Warning message flashed up in my car this evening and the annoying thing is my car warranty expired last month. :mad: Anyone know how much it will cost to fix it by the dealer? I also understand there isn't a 2nd battery in the w205, so what can the problem...
  2. A

    Check Coolant Level - Message

    Hi, A couple of months ago I saw Check Coolant level message in dashboard. I checked the level and it was just right (leveled on the black body of the expansion tank. The message went away after that, then it came back again after couple of weeks. I checked again and the level was fine but I...
  3. Druk

    Error message

    Using Thunderbird mail on an iMac I'm getting this message at every second or so attempt at retrieving my mail from BT. The POP3 mail server ( does not support UIDL or XTND XLST, which are required to implement the ``Leave on Server'', ``Maximum Message Size'' or ``Fetch...
  4. J

    Airmatic "Malfunction" message

    Have occasionally had this pop up though the suspension seems to be working fine and it isnt dropping when left, or at least not by a huge amount, no more than it ever has done. My dad has a generic ODB2 code reader and tried using that to get clues but it didnt find a single code, is it that...
  5. astamir

    s211 320cdi ESP ABS message

    Hi guys! Needed a help from the forum members who experienced this kind of problem. Three messages appeared on the dashboard ESP ABS AND BRAKE PERFORMANCE REDUCED with yellow abs sign on dashboard. Plugged Delphi diagnostic tool and it gave me the following codes C2534-hydraulic fault,right...
  6. artyman

    Only Secure content displayed message

    The login seems to have changed from http:// to https:// as logging in on my original link MBClub UK - Bringing together Mercedes Enthusiasts - Mercedes Forum run by Mercedes Enthusiasts it comes up with an error about forwarding to the page. I deduced this to the change to https: I would...
  7. S

    Command and Text message query

    I have command in my 2012 W212, think it is ntg4.5. I can get text messages displayed and read out, nut the option to call sender and a few others are greyed out. Any idea why this is? Also, is it possible to reply to texts within command via voice? thanks
  8. Druk

    Email sender getting spam message

    So this is a genealogist that I regularly communicate with in Germany. Last night she tried to send me a mail with a couple of small attachments and it came back at her that my email was a spam address. We've exchanged mails for the past four months without trouble and she sent me the refusal...
  9. GlenQ

    Warning Message

    Just started to get the following message: Restr.Sys.Defect SRS Drive to workshop. I know that I will have to have the codes read (I have Carsoft) but in general is this fault usually associated with a faulty passenger side seat pad sensor?
  10. brucemillar

    Message in a bottle

    Dropping my daughters off at school this morning. Beautiful day, traffic flowing, driving along at a nice pace, minding our own business. Approaching me I can see a white transit tip up van, with three guys in the front. As he gets closer, the driver appears to be waving out his window. I...
  11. S

    W204 C63 ABS/ESP inoperative message

    Hi guys, i was fiddling about with the car earlier with the engine running i was checking the fuses for the secondary air pump to see if any blown fuses were causing my CEL to come on and now I have this ABS/ESP message come up and another light lit on the dash. Bearing in mind the car hasnt...
  12. Marty280

    W211 - key not working/steering wheel locked/ESP warning message

    Good morning everyone on this hopefully lovely bh weekend, hope you are all well! This is my first post and I'm being in a bit of a dilemma here and need your input. Here is what happened yesterday: Drove 13mls to work in the morning, moved the car at lunch to the local Russian mafia car wash...
  13. M

    2016 E63 - oil top up message

    A message has popped up on my display saying add a litre of oil at next fuel stop. I've only had the car since the end of Feb . Is this normal oil consumption? Should I be concerned? Mileage is cira 4k. Whats the best oil to use? Tia
  14. Headhurts

    Adblue message

    I have just finished searching the forums for information on this but thought I would add a post for some up to date comments. I picked up my new E350 Night Edition last Thursday and got 4 miles down the road and a bong followed by message 'check Adblue see owners manual' I returned and the...
  15. abecketts

    W210 e320cdi EPC message

    Car wouldn't start this morning the plus side I took the Alfa 166 for the commute run instead. This evening the car started with my foot flat to the floor, then an error message El EPC, I take it this is most likely a leaking injector leading to low pressure in the fuel rail? Off to the garage...
  16. Harrythedog

    Comand NTG4.5 text message reading

    I have an iPhone 6s and text messages aren't coming through onto the Comand. They worked fine with the iphone 4, any clues ? Thanks
  17. M

    Close boot separator message

    Like a muppet I managed to crack the right rear light unit on my R230. While I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive, I thought I would investigate how easy the job was going to be, which involved unscrewing a few bits of plastic trim in the boot. I didn't actually get very far as I didn't...
  18. E

    Dashboard Error message

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help. My 54 C220Cdi showed the following error whilst driving a 600 mile round trip. 'Exchange filter service next 30 miles'. I have looked but can't find a solution, car didn't go into limp mode either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  19. H

    DAB 'Device Unavailable' Message

    Hi All, First post here and just hoping to get some info. My 2013 C220 had an issue a couple of weeks back where a 'device unavailable' message would pop up whilst the DAB radio is on, music goes off for a couple of seconds then reload up and come back on. This got worse and worse over the...
  20. E

    Audio 10 "Prod" message

    I'm looking to fit an Audio 10 single CD player to my R129. Scrolling through the (mostly) cack on eBay, I've seen several references to the "prod" message. Could somebody tell me what this means?
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