1. lisa110rry

    Text messaging

    A young person who is doing a little bit of work in our offices today has told me that if he received a text message with a full stop he would assume the sender was angry with him! In addition, he tells me that older people using a lot of emojis is "cringe". Have you any advice on proper...
  2. N

    How reliable is SMS text messaging?

    I hardly ever text anybody so don't know a whole hell of a lot about the way it works. Has anybody who is familiar with it ever come across this sort of thing before? Recently I drove 100 miles one way to look at a car with a friend & his elderly mother for whom the car was intended. We...
  3. M

    SMS Messaging

    I have installed a nokia 6310i phone on to my comand. I have installed all the proper MB parts including a new centre consol with the latest "black box" interface and cradle. It all works fine, except the SMS text button is greyed out. Can anyone tell me if there is anyway I can enable SMS...
  4. Koolvin

    Instant messaging...

    How many people use Instant Messaging? I use all of them!
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